Bass-Horn Loudspeaker

VIENNA Bass-Horn by Viking Acoustics.


Vienna Bass-Horn. Over five years in development. The New Vienna will feature a large squared logarithmic horn made from sustainable hand Layered Italian poplar and finished in ten coats of glossy colour.


Vienna's form-factor is much like Berlin 1887 with our new Norse-Lock semi-active self-damping cabinet architecture but will have a larger Horn: 19" Round logarithmic or Rectangular form 18" x 22", Vienna will have a larger cabinet, and 12" dynamic paper pulp woofer with dual hybrid ceramic/AlNiCo motor. The new horn is loaded with our new 6" full-range driver which plays referentially from 100 hz to over 20 khz while the 12" bass-driver covers the very bottom of the sonic scale. Like Berlin R and BERLIN 1887 the mouth of the horn doubles as the bass port for the woofer while serving as wave-guide for the new full ranger. 


Vienna is designed to be a complete and final loudspeaker never lacking in aesthetic, never lacking in sonic scale, never lacking in the poetry of pure music.

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SPECIFICATIONS:  Vienna Bass-Horn Loudspeaker

Late summer 2019

Driver Compliment:

6" ultra wide band full range driver set non-compression loaded horn which doubles as bass port (bass-horn) for the woofer 

Optional hidden horn super tweeter extends HF to over 50Khz

+ $1,200 


12" dynamic bass driver with hybrid ceramic AlNiCo motor, paper pulp diaphragm 



Solid tone-wood face, back, and corner spines with NorseLock self-damping, semi-active architecture  (SASDA)  (patent application)

Turned wood Logarithmic or Rectangular Tractrix Horn:

19" round turned wood logarithmic horn + $2500 or 18" x 22" rectangular horn made from layers of laminated Italian poplar finished in 10 coats of glossy colour

Viking Acoustics Hybrid Horn Loading Technology:

Non-compression loading hybrid. Horn is used for high-frequency driver in non-compression format and doubles as the bass-port or bass-horn for the woofer. The back side of the horn overlaps 40% of the woofer to further increase bass and bass efficiency as well as limit on and off axis distortion.

(patents pending)


101 db


18Hz - 21,000Hz  (18Hz - 50Khz with optional hidden horn super tweeter)

Binding Post:

4 way low-mass tellurium copper with speaker frame Earthing terminals + - 6db attenuation control for FR driver

Internal Wire:  20awg solid core high tensile strength 6N wire in cotton silver solder (wiring optimized for detail and efficiency) 


Impedance: 8 Ohms

Recommended Power:

5 - 100 high-volt tube watts

50 - 250 transistor watts

Cabinet Dimensions:

23.5" H  14.5" W 15.5" D  (30.5" H  18" W  19" deep with horn)

Total height with stands 52.5"

Heirloom wood stands:


Price USD: $18,500

for turned round horn add $2500 (base woods, exotic wood extra)

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