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Tone-wood Horns.. You wouldn't buy a plastic violin...

Although plastic, fiberglass, or resin based horns deliver perhaps 80% of the horns magic; 20% of the natural sounding nuance is lost. Plastic often sounds like plastic and anyone that's ever heard a plastic-encased commercial speaker can attest to this.


Viking Acoustics' Horn loading is totally different!


The Logarithmic Horn: Natures Most Perfect Acoustic Amplifier!


Bass, mid-range, and high frequency all emit from the Viking Acoustics bass-horn. The Viking horn is a unique single, organic multi-function form: whereas the usual horn loading practice is to use it as merely a wave-guide for a single driver. The Viking horn is both true bass-horn and tweeter/driver wave guide at the same time!  As much as 90% of the music emits from the center of the horn with perfected timing.

The result:

  • More volume per given watt with less driver amplitude which means greatly reduced distortion

  • Unmatched coherence; operating much like a single-driver loudspeaker

  • Bigger Bass: which is open, nimble and natural sounding, yet fast and tectonic when called for

  • More detail, drive, and better dynamics than conventional horn designs and non-horn designs

  • Larger more realistic soundstage!

  • Ability to play at a higher volume with more dynamic-range than conventional loudspeakers


Early use of Horns in Audio. Horns are acoustic amplifiers. Taming the horn for use in sound reproduction has been the most difficult objective.

Pictured is Emile Berliner's Gramophone from 1887.

BERLIN Bass-Horn

The Beginning: Our innovative horn-loading  attributes were made crystal clear year-after-year with the BERLIN. Besting much larger and more expensive floor standing speakers in total sound output, detail, drive, soundstage, and amazingly; bass-slam. Berlin paved the path to our current more expensive models such as L'instrument and Gottenburg.

Bronze Horn Assembly 01.png

Viking Acoustics logarithmic horn follows the same lines as the chambered nautilus. The logarithmic spiral is related to the golden ratio and shows up much in nature including the chambered nautilus from which the Viking Acoustics horn is inspired.

Viking Acoustics Horn is totally unique in High-End Audio. The horn is a multifunction organic form which is used to augment bass, midrange and high-frequency at the same time. Bass, midrange and high-frequency emit from the center of the logarithmic horn with unmatched coherence without the colouration and common honk (exaggerated mid-band) of other horn designs.


BERLIN R Bass-Horn named one of the Seven Finest Sounding Loudspeakers in the World at any price... By Europe's Premier Hi-End Audio Magazine 2015


Innovated and Hand-Built in the USA

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