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SPEAKER-X in Space Ship Gray

Coming Fall 2023



Always striving to be unique in aesthetics while pushing the envelope in high-efficiency horn designsSpeaker-X is our X-Factor!


Speaker-X is a 3-way, 5 driver, true bass-horn loudspeaker with unique horn loading and shares DNA with the original Kabuki and Fantom loudspeakers. 


Dual side mounted bass-drivers vent through the mouth of the horn as do the dual wide-band drivers which are slot loaded half way inside the extra large horn, an a slot loaded ribbon tweeter covers 5Khz-35Khz.


All five drivers fully utilize the extra large horn for a seamless overlapping soundscape with pinpoint imaging, exceptional detail, and thunderous bass. 

Driver Compliment:


Dual side loaded 345mm long-throw dynamic woofers porting through the mouth of the bass-horn


Dual 180mm wide-band mid-drivers mounted in the slot in the horn

Neo ribbon super tweeters loaded in the mouth of the bass-horn

External / internal resonator with dual rear bypass ports

Cabinet: silica injected polymer

Choose colour:


Space Ship Gray semi-gloss (pictured) 

Monza Red semi-gloss          (pictured)

Just-off-white semi-gloss    (pictured)

Near Black semi-gloss

Near Black satin

Custom Pantone color (extra charge)


98 db 1watt 1 metrer

Time Alignment:

Drivers time-aligned mechanically and electrically.



18Hz - 35kHz 


Binding Post:

4 way low-mass tellurium copper. Speaker frame Earthing (grounding) terminals

Internal Wire:  20awg solid core high tensile strength 6N wire in cotton silver solder (wiring optimized for detail and efficiency) 

Impedance: 6 Ohms


Recommended Power:

20+ high-volt tube watts

150+ transistor watts


50" H  25" W 19.5" D


Solid wood outrigger (legs) decouple the speaker for any surface.

SPEAKER-X in Monza Red 


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