Set-up & Warranty


The horn-loaded models require almost no toe-in, so you can place them in the way they best fit your aesthetic. Viking's loudspeakers can be placed near the back wall as all port through the front of the loudspeaker!


Please make sure your amplifier has enough power! Playing a low-power amp at high sound levels can damage your loudspeakers!  We recommend the use of high end cables such as Nordost, Kimber Kable, or our handmade loudspeaker cables. Make sure your loudspeakers are in-phase (red to red, and black to black).

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As with an automobile, your new loudspeakers need to be carefully broken in, so the moving parts can smooth out, and the doped cloth and rubber surrounds can relax. The capacitors and inductors need burn-in time as well. We perform a factory pre-test of 2 hours at low volume levels before shipping your new speakers, however, more refined sound will be realized once you have broken in your speakers for over 40 hours. Likewise, the resonating internal damper (Instrument) and active baffle sounds will improve over a year’s time, as the molecular structure of the tone-wood sweetens.  


NOTE: Make sure you do not "cold-start" your loudspeakers! For example, if your listening room is in an unheated basement below 45 degrees, allow the room and speakers to warm up to 65 degrees or higher. Playing dynamic music at high levels while your speakers are cold can damage them, especially when they are new and not fully broken in.



Have an older dc10/Viking speaker to trade-in? Full Purchase price often given towards a new Viking Acoustic Loudspeaker. Have a different brand speaker to trade?

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Loudspeakers: 10 year Warranty

Amplifiers: 2 year Warranty

Cables: Lifetime Warranty


Viking Acoustics 10-year warranty is subject to the operating parameters discussed in the set-up and break-in sections. We will field-service our product at no charge (USA only) if there is a manufacture defect. Contract service may be available in other countries. We offer no warranty for damage from misuse including punctured drivers, damage due to clipping from inadequate equipment, dropping your loudspeaker, or exposing your loudspeaker to excessive UV rays. Some auction items or B-stock items will have different warranties, and in some cases no warranty at all.


Our hope is your Viking Acoustic Horn speakers will be more than just another component but be an Art -Piece that also plays music, and a prized audio heirloom to keep for years to come.

Viking Acoustic's has many high-end Loudspeaker cable options