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Expert reviews are sometimes flattering...owner testimonials are real.



Testimonial from Chez Bob Listening Lounge. (Boston Area)

January 23, 2019



Berlin R Mk-II loudspeakers in all Claro walnut

Audio Tekne tube Integrated

Viking's Gottenburg Master Silver Cables and interconnects. 


Hi, David:


Below is an e-mail I received from my audio buddy, John, after hosting a listening session this afternoon at Chez Bob.


Aside from the Berlin speakers, Gottenburg cables, and Audio Tekne amp, the only addition to the system was a Tellurium Q Silver Diamond digital interconnect (unbelievable!).  John’s comments, below, say it all.  I received a similar note from the other attendee who, by the way, is an audio dealer, and has access to a ton of audio gear including Shindo.


The system sounds absolutely breathtaking!



Thank you for the privilege of hearing a truly phenomenal system. It seems able to provide everything encoded on the disc in a way that takes a back seat to nothing; and with consummate ease and spooky resolution. 

It seems a final system if I’ve ever heard one. Nothing I’d want seems missing and everything that matters is there; majestically so, too.

The fruit of all your labors is delicious indeed; and well-earned to boot.
We could all take a valuable lesson from the Sage of Sherborn in how to practice, as Lexus says, the relentless pursuit of perfection. 

Absolutely amazing and at, or above, the best these ears have ever heard.

AND: impossible as it seems, you’ll no doubt find ways to improve, yet again, what appears to be virtually perfect.

My hat is off to you!


Testimonial from Chez Bob Listening Lounge. (Boston Area)

Berlin R Mk-II + Audio Tekne




 I was lucky to stop by today & hear your new setup.   Wow, very, very good!  I’ve never heard such tuneful, toneful bass.  And all else so natural and involving as well.






Daniel from 


San Francisco, CA

March, 2019



So I purchased the BRITON BIII for my second system and I'm already a Berlin R Mk-II owner. Side note, the Berlin R Mk-II is the most remarkable loudspeaker I've ever heard and to think it's a stand mount...Unreal. Anyway back to the new pair... I was drawn to the new Briton because I like vintage gear and mid-century modern furniture and I'm such a Viking fan ...(not the NFL team). BIII is big a bit of a beast but actually integrates well into the dedicated listening room. Of course 90% ok, 70% of the reason I bought these was to compare them with Mk-II Berlin.... So I did... It's amazing how they share a similar sound. That said, my early impression is that BIII sounds more vintage a little more laid back than Berlin R a little more round at the bottom actually exactly how I wanted them to sound. Nothing beats Berlin R in my book but these beautiful beasts fit the bill and I'm keeping them forever. The sound is detailed, bass is big and right-on, imaging very, very, good .. look? Stunning.


Thank you, VA! 



November 2018

Jaime Artigues García

Palma de Majorca, Spain

Maestro P-35R (Gottenburg) preamplifier + Berlin R AlNiCo


Hi David,


I've listened to my Maestro P35-R (Gottenburg) Reference Tube Preamp for some hours now and I'm very happy with this great Tube Preamp for clarity, focus, extension, soundstage, imaging, palpability and extraordinary silence. The sound is very natural and detailed really and it's very important for me. I've already used your High-Low Contour Adjustment to improve a recording sound and I have to say I'm very amazed. The volume control and the rest of controls work great too...this is the best Tube Preamp I've ever listened to by far. Congratulations David for such an exceptional Preamp. Here you are attached several pics.


Best regards,


Jaime A.



August 2018

Robert from Boston


Berlin R Mk-II Loudspeakers

Viking's Master Silver Cables and Interconnects

Yesterday I thought I was going into cardiac arrest when I finally got to see and to touch the first Berlin speaker.  The overall quality and look of the speaker almost defies description.   

Terms like artisan, craftsman, bespoke, stunning, etc., are appropriate, but seeing the two speakers mounted on their respective stands was almost too much to bare. 


Your attention to the finest of details and the overall quality of workmanship is on par with woodwork Deb and I see at juried craft shows.  Simple and thoughtful touches, too, like the sturdy bend in the positive leg of the speaker wire, add to the overall experience.  As you can probably tell, I am one happy customer (Deb is, too).


I fired up the system and ran it for about six hours at a fairly low volume.  Out of the box, the Berlin’s sounded absolutely fabulous.  New speakers and cables rarely perform a disappearing act with no burn-in time, but the Berlin’s pulled off this magic trick beautifully. 


I’ll run the system today for about six hours at a higher volume level, and I’ll do the same tomorrow and continue until I have about one hundred hours on the Berlin’s.  


Virtually everything about my experience with you and Viking has been absolutely exceptional.  Thank you so much for helping to make this happen.





May 2018

Michael from Portland Oregon


Berlin R Mk-II + Asymmetric Reference Cables

So, the next three nights I got them the rest of the way dialed in, and they started to settle into the room. What an amazing difference even after only about 7 or 8 hours. By hours 10 through 15, they are really showing their abilities.  I have never heard more amazing vocal reproductions. July London, Nat King Cole, Patricia Barber, Holly Cole, Nick Drake, Diana Washington, Billie Holiday, I can go on and on…it’s kind of spooky…


I’m very pleased with the low end, quick accurate and quite full for a relativity small speaker.  I must say, they are larger then I had imagined.  Oh, the wood work, amazing, I am so pleased with look of the wood, the perfect horns, it’s really quite amazing. More to come........


It’s interesting, every time I listen to them, it almost like a new speaker…last night played some bass heavy music, Dead Can Dance, Leonard Cohen, etc…the low end is amazing.  So tight, deep and clean.  


Roger, St. Louis, MO, USA

On the Berlin R

The upgraded Berlin R's you sent me are really outstanding when driven by either my Halo JC-1's or A-21, or my Atma-Sphere M60 MK 3.2 OTL tube amps.


But... I think they may leave my other setups behind a bit... when... driven by the M60's - there is a special synergy between the Class A OTL tube amps and the Berlin R's. Not enough of an engineer to understand what might contribute to that synergy... but... it seems so. Just a superb soundstage and holographic imaging combined with outstanding clarity, resolution, detail, drive, extension, balance... etc, etc, etc. Though, I suspect it's the efficiency of the Berlin R's, coupled with the Class A, OTL, high current output of the M60's - just guessing.


I realize you have your own transformer coupled tube amps... but... you might want to think about demoing the Berlins with the Atma-Sphere M60's - a truly superb combo!

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Christopher, Dallas, TX, USA
On the Briton Studio Monitor with Acoustic Lens

I received the Britons yesterday. As you know fit, and finish are fantastic -- comparable to any big-name speaker company. Your craftsmanship is excellent. "Accurate" does not do them justice, and this is right out of the shipping crate. Crystal clear highs and pristine, perfectly controlled bass with zero boom -- they just reproduce what they are given. I will allow a few weeks of playing so the drivers can relax and fully integrate, prior to critical listening. My family and friends, young and old, agree with my initial sentiment, ranking the Britons clearly superior to the Harbeth 40.1 owned by a friend. 

The Absolute Sound, 10/16/13

On the Briton II

By Robert Harley

"The most unusual loudspeaker I saw at RMAF was a large stand-mounted two way called the Briton II from dc10audio. What made the Briton II so unusual was not just its Fostex tweeter loaded into a 15.5’ horn turned from a solid block of African wenge wood, but that the 12’ woofer is a NOS (new old stock) JBL model from 1972, replete with white cone. Designer David Counsell explained to me that he chose this classic woofer for its sonic and technical performance, not as a retro-statement. The two drivers are mounted in a gorgeous piece of woodworking that includes Baltic birch ply veneered with zebrawood and inlaid with solid pieces of wenge, and an integral stand with a base made from a block of wenge. In a departure from conventional thinking about what a loudspeaker enclosure should do (and not do), the Briton II features a rear-panel “resonator” that vibrates and reportedly improves the sound. The whole thing is beautifully executed, and is a visual work of art. Driven by electronics from a company new to me called Elliott Studio Arts, the Briton II sounded magnificent. The sound had a palpability and immediacy, yet wasn’t forward. I heard no trace of horn coloration or any sense of discontinuity between the drivers. Low-powered amplifier fans will be drawn to the 98dB sensitivity."





French Vintage Hi-Fi Magazine, 10/21/14

(Australia Audio & AV Show 2014 - Melbourne, on the Briton II)

By Jean-Marie Liere

Most speaker designers follow some of the same principles and end up with different box designs, relying on proprietary drivers, esoteric loading, complex crossover and cabinet geometries variations to deliver what each believes to be the best sound at that price point.


On the other hand a few, like Kyron Audio, Siegfried Linkwitz and the two culprits here, Brodmann and Viking Acoustics make wonders out of designs that are not following the book.


I have been willing to find out about these speakers in real life for quite a while, as I suspected that although their design is very unconventional, they might actually work very well. And guess what? I was quite impressed! And yes they were very well fed by a YBA CD transport, an Allnic DAC and an YBA amplifier, and I was welcome to play one of my favourite CDs - Patricia Barber's Cafe Blue, A Taste of Honey on HDCD - and the high sensitivity coupled with the horn dispersion made it for a very smooth, dynamic and precise sound. And they look gorgeous too...WAF!



Aaron Kaleniecki, professional musician, 11/6/14

Hi-Fi Productions, Detroit, MI

claro-walnut horn

In reviewing these amazing speakers - one can not help but to immediately recognize the throw-back “nod" to days of large speaker/high spl audio listening at its finest.


The Briton II cabinet is robust, yet the gorgeous horn tips you off before you hear a note - that something special lies in store.


In my listening room - i have the pleasure of enjoying the finest vintage equipment combined with world class modern gear - including restored ensemble of the McIntosh C-22 preamp and MC240 power amp - a new piece by Sam’s Audio Labs - his take on rebuilding the Heathkit A-47 integrated amp which uses the original Heathkit chassis and transformers but everything else is Sam’s full triode EL84 at 8wpc. My turntable is a restored Thorens TD124 MK1 solid mounted to a solid plinth with a Triplanar VII tone arm with a London Reference cartridge doing the tracking. A second turntable - A Thorens TD135 (the smaller sister to the big TD124) tracks with its original tonearm and a Benz Ruby cartridge.


I’ve tried both tables with both preamp and integrated combo and in every single case - I find myself entranced in music that I thought i knew.


These Britons are ultra efficient - even a meager 8 watts will pin you to the wall with earthshaking bass when you want it to - yet you can hear the rosin on the bows of the violins int he softest sections of any classical recording you throw at it.


Some of my favorite recordings: MOFI Sinatra at the Sands - MOFI Beatles (take your pick) 1st pressings of Journey’s Infinity, Mercury Living Presence recordings of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at the (dreadfully non-reverberant Ford Auditorium) and several others. I pick these because I know these recordings like the back of my hand and i’ve listened to them hundreds if not thousands of times on every format available to me over the years.


The Sinatra recordings are special to me because at any given point, you can hear inflection in Frank’s voice that no other speaker conveys. His breathing (which an art all its own) is audible - the things that aren’t necessarily music are audible with the clarity of these speakers, so much so that one doesn’t even have to try to hear the imaging. You can almost see the distance between Frank and his orchestra when listening. Mistakes from the live orchestra actually become noticeable - its the true experience of being there.


The Beatles recordings have always been near and dear to me. But you’ve never heard Ringo’s Cymbals or George’s fingers sliding on the guitar strings until you’ve heard them on a set of Britons. Hiss from the faders going up and down on these old recordings become noticeable. You can often hear what sounds like conversation in the back ground of a guitar solo - as if someone was reminding Paul which verse they were to sing - its quite the experience hearing these Beatles recordings better than they were EVER intended to be.


The classic rock recordings including Journey’s Infinity, Boston’s First Album and countless others just LOVE the Britons because of the JBL Heritage - nothing rocks like an old JBL - except a Viking Acoustics BRITON. There is nothing more to say. I’ve yet to encounter a speaker at any price that can reproduce subtleties in classical and vocal music like the Britons yet pin you to the wall with rock n roll when you want it to.


The C-22 and MC240 combined with some SACDs played with my OPPO BDP-105 are simply incredible. Again - music as if you are live in the studio.


Probably the worst recordings on the planet are those of the DSO at Ford Auditorium. The DSO (Detroit symphony) while musically superb under the direction of Paul Paray at the time - played in Detroit’s now demolished Ford Auditorium. The building was never designed to host an orchestra, but midway through its construction, Eleanor Ford decided that she wanted it to be a gift to the DSO - who had been looking for a new place to call home. Over the years - many attempts to solve acoustical problems were made, but in the end they failed - eventually the DSO moved out and back into their original home - Orchestra Hall on Woodward Ave.


The reason I enjoy listening to these recordings is because as a classical musician, I know first hand what “the band” sounds like on stage. The hall is so dead that absolutely nothing gets massaged or smoothed out in the reverberation. Its as if you are physically on stage with the orchestra. You often hear the “whip” of Paray’s baton - every pre-note squeak of one of the worlds best string sections is clearly audible. The thunk of every pizzicato bass is nothing more than as if it were sitting next to you.


While each of these recordings have their pros/cons - they are what they are. The BRITONS are the only speaker that allow to hear every single detail - to a fault. In many ways, the listener, each and every time a recording is played, gets the opportunity to take that trip back in time to when the tape was actually rolling.


There are very few pieces of equipment on this earth that will make any piece of equipment sound better than it actually should - the BRITON II's are just that.



Derek, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

On the Briton II

Amazing woodworking and build quality. True craftsmanship. The type of speaker you can sit and stare at with no music playing. Most speakers take away from your living space, not these, they're the focal point. Classy organic design and not your typical Liberace audiophile styling.


Very room forgiving speakers. I have them in a relatively small (12.5' x 14.5') dedicated listening space. This is a difficult room to say the least...speakers have to be on the long wall, sloped ceiling, and only three walls with one side open to the first floor below. The listening position is near-field and the placement only about 12" off the back wall. Despite their imposing size these completely disappear and do not overpower the room.

Shindo + Briton II's + vinyl = a totally holographic experience. Massive sound stage in all three planes and imaging that lets you see the performance. These speakers can be delicate and yet downright thunderous when called upon. The bass is probably the most impressive aspect of these stand mounts. The best I have ever heard, from any form factor. Subterranean, tuneful, taut. There is an openness, a free flowing feel, which decouples the bass and keeps it from being lost among the rest of the track. Vocals are as real as it gets and completely human. These speakers can unravel the most complex pieces and reassemble it in a non-fatiguing way, even for people like myself who are normally sensitive to that sort of thing. The detail portrayal seems endless if the source gear is up to the task.


I've been through a lot of equipment in the past few years and up until now Shindo is the only manufacturer I can't see living without. Viking Acoustics is now added to that list. Bottom line is the Briton II's are so engaging they'll make you want to explore music outside your comfort zone just to hear how it'll sound out of those jumbo sized horns and woofers.



Shindo Montille CV391

Shindo Aurieges-MM

Shindo Mr. T power conditioner

Hammertone Garrard 301 by Audio Grail

Artisan Fidelity plinth

EMT 997 tonearm

Miyajima Kansui and Premium BE

Miyajima ETR-KSW step up

Shindo and Auditorium 23 cables

GIK bass traps and acoustic panels

Core Audio Designs rack





Jón Baldursson Reykjavik, Iceland

On the Briton II
A friend of mine Diddo asked me to help him set up a sound system. Well,....., what are we looking for in a high quality setup. Being there feeling, foot tapping, musicality, goosebumps, well that is all there, in this system. LM 219IA amp w/new Kron Audio tubes that made the difference. Clearaudio deck w/VanDHul pickup, the Frog. Various digital sources and converter from BOW in Holland. And last but not least speakers from DC10Audio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Briton ll.
Gorgeous peace of art, both visually and a true producer of sound. Liquid mids and highs and the bass is the best I've ever heard and I know, being an audiophile for over 45 years and a true analog man.



John, Albuquerque NM

On Briton Studio Monitor + dc10 "High-Speed" cables

Everything arrived safely. Hooked speakers up with my silver/copper LAT international cable. My Meadowlark kestrel II's are good speakers 
but not even in the same league as yours. When I changed to your cable, bass and mid range was good but the mid high and highs were recessed at first and then I played a record and several cd's and in the middle of a song in the 3rd CD the cable opened up as if someone flipped a switch. I guess that it was not fully broken in yet because now the cable sings from top to bottom. It's hands down a better cable then the 
LAT, Harmonic technology Pro 9, Audioquest Rockerfella, and even the Acoustic Zen Hologram II's from what I can remember. Thank you so much for offering these speakers and the speaker cables are the icing on the cake. 


May 2015

Mono & Stereo High-End Audio Magazine

at Munich High-End Audio 2015


Natural Sound, that represents Audio Tekne and dc10audio presented the two Audio Tekne driven systems combined with dc10audio Berlin R and Kabuki speakers.


I’ve already written very positive remarks regarding dc10audio Kabuki speakers. Quite a few people I’ve meet at the show commented positively not only regarding the Kabukis, but also about Audio Tekne and Berlin R.


But It seems some people just couldn’t grasp the sound performance that these two combinations provided do these folks look for something completely different in music reproduction? And is that something closely correlating with trendy, “shick” and highly promoted imprint. This, so called "contemporary" sound has little to do with the way real live music actually sounds like and this is where Audio Tekne and dc10audio really shine.


Natural Sound team was very satisfied with the sound of their room. I’ve enjoyed their system even more at Prague and Warsaw high-end audio show.


Both Audio Tekne and dc10audio are for people who can recognize their true potency and can enjoy something different, unusually involving and intimately musical.



Andrew from New York

December, 2017


Berlin R


It is a great pleasure to share with you my ongoing experience in discovering and continuing to be evermore enthralled with these magnificent musical instruments.


Even before emanating a sound, the horns of the Berlin R’s instill confidence in the listener that only a master craftsman of instruments could have so beautifully turned the particularly deep throat, which flows organically into a logarithmically expanding mouth. 


An aggressively flaring contour rapidly arcs the horn to an outer rim that is not much wider, nor too far distant than the solid cabinet from which the throat originates.


What matters most, of course, is the trueness of musical sound blooming from the virtual stage reproduced by a stereophonic pair of loudspeakers 


In fact, the Berlin R speakers provide an extraordinarily precise sound stage from which the listener can visualize the exact placement of every instrument or voice on any given recording.


While it is reasonable to suspect that speaker placement is critical, I’ve found that the “hybrid” horn speaker design unique to the creator of the Berlin R (and its closely related brethren) provides several unexpected results that are somewhat counter intuitive to common perception:


First, the sound-stage has a breadth and depth far greater than one might expect from significantly larger floor standing loudspeakers.


Second, such efficiency also applies to the unexpectedly powerful SPL’s exploding so uniformly from only two “bookshelf” sized primary speakers placed upon two inertly carved floor stands.


Third, the tonal quality of the full range of frequencies generated has a rich and impeccably accurate transparency which effortlessly extends deep into the bottom of the bass register.


How is it that two mid-sized speakers so efficiently deliver an impressive sound-stage, presence and genuinely musical sound when so many “traditional” horn speakers (of even greater size) struggle to produce consistent frequency response and seem to inevitably introduce coloration so commonly associated with the “character” of horn speakers in general?


The answer, in my unqualified opinion, leads back to the initial physical description of these particular “hybrid” horns with their deep and narrow throat, which, conversely, expands logarithmically into an aggressively flared outer rim. 


As with the time tested performance of exceedingly precious, hand-carved musical instruments by master craftsmen, it is the unique and highly precise curvature of both the inner and outer dimensions that provide a truly musical sound rather than contrived and uneven amplification across intermittent portions of the entire frequency range demanded by the composer.


I’ll only briefly mention my own “unofficial” technical interpretation as to why the horns of the Berlin R’s perform so impeccably while other horns often add their own distinct “color” or “character”: 


In my view, the “art” and prerequisite “mastery” required is in the efficiency of the “transition” section of the horn’s contour. 


The logarithmically derived shape better optimized preservation of energy as the sound “transitions” from an initially “high pressure / low velocity” condition at the origination of the horn’s throat to its amplified “low pressure / high velocity” condition upon reaching the flared mouth at the far end of the horn. In the case of the Berlin R’s I suspect that the “deep, narrow” throat combined with an “aggressively accelerated” flare at the mouth delivers unprecedented efficiency and resolved accurate amplification not often found in many “traditional”, “megaphone-like” horns of older design.


I certainly won’t bore you with a tiresome description of my ever-expanding “menagerie of hi fidelity components” (according to my ever “patient” wife); but, I’ll simply assure you that the inherent efficiency of the “hybrid” horn in the Berlin R’s design provides a musical sound that is even genuine enough for my Julliard and Yale trained better-half to honor these gems with an unprecedented seat at the head of our family dining room (where no other loudspeaker has ever made the first-round cut).


Lastly, I not only highly recommend that you introduce these musical instruments into your own prime listening space, but also mix and match various components with alternative speaker positioning until you too hear the rare musical qualities of the Berlin R’s. Enjoy!


Very truly yours,




From Various Blogs:


03-29-2013 10:05am


You have NOT heard them.
The dc10audio speakers are a miracle! I am using the mini Berlin now and it is the best speaker I've ever had and this is the company's "cheap" model. I have big ones on order :)) because the little ones destroyed anything else I've heard including the Voxativ a friend here in the bay brought by which i was told was a miracle..but it's not as the Voxativ has no real bass and the bass that is there is that slow back-loaded horn bass which sounds kinda fake I liked the idea of the Vox but the little titan destroyed them. 

The Berlin mini has a huge sound stage and big bass with totally high-end articulation..

Frankly, I still can't believe the sound.

So what were you saying??


03-29-2013 10:51am

I think that there are two types of dc10audio owners out there:

ones that you never hear from like me and people that gush all over the place about there purchase and then there are the critics that have not heard them yet but sure that they are all wrong. 

I've owned Berlin studio monitors for nearly two years now after owning speakers from: Avalon (very good), Wilson (yuk), Monitor Audio, Vandersteen, and Harbeth and back in the ugly 1980's a bunch more. PS: I also really still like my Harbeth they are so BBC!

To me the Berlin Studio Monitor beats them all. 
How? I don't know how but the sound is very open, relaxed, and big like the best floor stander. I guess I would describe them as nimble They have a HUGE soundstage and though the HF was a little bright at first they have simmered down to pure perfection and the sublime.

I've been reading audiogone for quite a while and don't blog but wanted to blog this.


07-06-2013 11:06am

Count me in Musicmused's camp!

My dc10audio Berlin II Mini Monitors are superb in all respects.

They produce a very life-like sound with all things acoustic - classical, chamber, jazz, R&B, country, blue-grass, etc.

If you're not into those sounds... don't bother... you won't appreciate the refined quality of their sound.


Seattle, Wa  April 4th 2018

Asymmetric Loudspeaker Cables


Viking Acoustics High Speed Asymmetric Speaker Cables


On David’s recommendation I decided to try out his Viking Acoustics High Speed Asymmetric speaker cable .My Rig consists of a Mac mini ,Metrum Octave mk2 DAC,LFD LE 4 Sig integrated amplifier. I use audio Magic Illusion liquid series interconnects and Audio Magic Xstream speaker wires . I bought a pair of Viking Acoustics Hybrid speakers in October 2017 and have been listening to them for about 6 months. The speakers I’ve owned in the past have been Pro Ac studio 125, Green Mountain Audio EOS Hx, Evolution Acoustics Micro One. Most of my audio components can be considered budget when compared to the stuff that is out there.


Six months is a good amount of time to get used to the sound of my Viking speakers.The Viking Hybrid speakers are sensitive enough to evaluate any other gear in the chain,When I introduced the Viking acoustics Asymmetric cables into the mix and played the first track What really stood out was how each note be it piano,vocals or any other instrument for that matter just lingered for a longer time,there’s a lively energy to the music,remember this is a cable straight out of the box. My previous speaker cable seemed to be rushing through the music ,detail was present just that my mind was not able to pick it up like it did with the new Viking acoustics cables .The manual with the cable says it takes about a hundred hours to settle so Who knows what wonderful surprises lie ahead .

There is something wonderful about listening to live music,its natural rhythm and musicianship. The Viking acoustics Asymmetric speaker cable brings me a lot closer to this when coupled with the Viking speakers .There’s an unhindered ease of flow that slows the minds constant sound analyzing tendency and gets toes tapping. Straight out of the box Is a bit early to be giving an opinion about these speaker cables, Its just that I have not experienced such a jump in sound quality from a speaker cable which makes me very excited about what I have just stumbled on.I can’t say if these cables will work for other speakers as I have not tried them with other speakers,with the Viking acoustics Hybrids speakers they are a fantastic match.My setup is not the ideal partnering for Viking hybrid speakers and cables but for now it’s very satisfying.



Seattle, Wa  April 16th 2018

Asymmetric Loudspeaker Cables


Part two


These speaker cables are really outstanding. I have clocked about 45 hours on the cable by letting it play overnight and it sounds like I changed my amplifier. I have never heard such a huge change a cable swap can have . Truly amazing. Excited to experiment with the reference cables next.

As I have mentioned before I’m excited to see what these new cables are capable of.

I'm no super well seasoned audiophile but The Viking cables that I have right now are just so interesting,meaning I have never heard such a HUGE positive influence on the sound in the past. I have changed amps, DACs, cables, etc but never heard this big a change. I have been in conversations with other speaker manufacturers talking about first order crossovers and the time aligned and phase coherent sound and their benefits they bring ,but never really understood what they were talking about. With these cables everything just clicked. 

So many audio folks just struggling trying to achieve good sound. I really feel very lucky to have gone with your advice/ engineering.

Thank you very much.


Best wishes 


GOTTENBURG Master Silver Cables

Gary from New Jersey  May 2018


Hello David- Just wanted to give you some feedback on the  Gottenburg loudspeaker cables- First off everything about these cables are of quality- from the packaging to the construction they are as good or better than any cable I have tried- most costing 2 to 4 times the price of yours-

The best thing I can say is they just play music- every nuance of the music being played is heard- They are the best Cables I have heard in my very resolving Horn based system- I liked them so much that I have ordered a full loom including IC's. If anyone needs a recommendation please have them contact me- thanks for the great work!!!


Berlin R Special Edition

JB from Seattle, Washington  July 2018


My Berlin's arrived in perfect condition with what I believe to be help from KUBOX quality packaging.... if you've never heard of this company check it out they may just be the newest and greatest method of transporting our precious gear! I knew these puppies needed 30-60 hours of burn in after about 20 hours they started to come to life....! After 40 hours I found them to be 1st class! I have had a plethora of gear /speakers and these have a soul of there own. I drove them with Pass Labs XA-160.8 amps.... quite convincingly yet my MA-60.3 bring these into a world that not many speakers can venture......the music is sublime from 50's 60's jazz to new age fare. Check these out you wont be disappointed. 




January 2019

Pierre from New Jersey, USA


My Time with Berlin R Mk-II 

I find it quite appealing that you can connect with a speaker and understand how the product is fabricated. “Customers want to connect with products” and I love that David takes the time to walk you thru the design build process of his loudspeakers.


The Berlin R Mk-II is visually striking loudspeaker with beautiful pronounced horn and oversized cabinet. The overall sound presents a big soundstage allowing the instruments to be layered and notes separated. Listening to “Yellowjackets—Spin” the cymbals are crisp with very long decay that hangs in the air. The midrange sounds of percussion, bass and vocals are incredible when listening to “Sade—Diamond Life.” Vocals sound deep and percussion so clear and alive.


In my system, you’ll notice I have very powerful high current solid-state amplifier—this is temporary. In due time, maybe this fall, I will migrate back to tube mono blocks to take advantage of the Berlin R’s 97 db sensitivity and 8 ohms impedance. I have very low floor noise and the Berlin R’s really allow you to hear every micro detail…from singers taking a breath to guitar players fingers sliding along the strings and drummers sticks striking cymbals and snare drums with different accents. Again, I want to keep mentioning the decay in cymbals and piano that hangs in the air is unbelievable. I have had this loudspeaker characteristics before but not at this level with the details.


Experience Listening 

Special EFX—Collection

Yellowjackets—Time Squared


Dave Samuels—Tjader-ized: A Cal Tjader Tribute

Sade—Diamond Life

Flim and the B.B.’s—Trycle Life

Jean Luc Ponty—The Gift of Time


My two passions are wood working and HiFi. I’m in the midcentury phase and look forward to designing a studio that is mainly unplugged but with one or two machines. With the addition of the Berlin R and my current setup I managed to enjoy and experience both. Brition Hybrid lined up for my future studio.



Speakers: Berlin R Mk-II, Maple Horn with Walnut base and Maple Mid-Centry Stands

Source: Ayon CD-35

Preamp: McIntosh C500 w/ BLACK SABLE Mullard 12AT7 

Power Amp: McIntosh MC452 for now (tube mono blocks in the future)

Power Conditioner: Synergistic Research Telsa 

Interconnects XRL: Synergistic Research, UEF Level 3 and Analysis Plus Gold Oval


Cheers, Pierre




August 2018

Mark from New York


Berlin R Mk-II Loudspeakers

Not being an industry professional, I am not really qualified to write a review that would in any way be comparable to one that might be read in a hi-end audio publication.  With that caveat, what follows are my thoughts and impressions of the Viking Acoustics Berlin R Mk-II loudspeakers.


First of all, these are among the most beautiful speakers I have ever seen.  They are a stand-mount loudspeaker which is on the large size for this form factor.  The high quality specimen woods used are exquisite and the workmanship is simply astounding.  The Berlin R Mk-IIs deserve to be on exhibit in the Guggenheim.


Aesthetics aside, the sound emanating from these loudspeakers is the most detailed, impactful and pleasing I have ever heard — by far.  The bass is strong and can deliver what I would describe as “controlled slam”.  By this I mean the bass is strong and prevalent but only when called for by the music.  There is no gratuitous, pervasive low end that overwhelms and detracts from the overall sound.  More importantly, the strong bass provides a foundation for the mid-range notes that make them rich, full and beautiful.  This characteristic cannot be overstated… the mids are just unbelievably alive.


More so than any other speaker I have heard, the high frequency notes are strong and clear yet never biting.  With some other speakers when listening to music with prevalent highs one has to lower the volume.  With the Berlin R Mk-IIs I can increase the volume as the highs are never ragged or grating.


Stepping back and considering the overall sound, I would describe it as highly organic.  The sound is full, rich, extremely detailed and integrated.  I could never be described as analytical or dry.


In summary, I would recommend anyone having the opportunity to hear the Berlin R Mk-II loudspeakers to jump on it.  For anyone looking for the type and quality sound described above, these loudspeakers deserve to be in the mix and at the top of the list.


In terms of my overall system, by design it is simple and minimalist.  The individual components have been selected because the offer outstanding performance — and value.


Notably, the Berlin R synergy with my 18 wpc tube amplifier is amazing.


source: T+A DSD 8 DAC

amp: Almarro a318b

speakers: Viking Acoustics Berlin R Mk-ii


cables: alp-tone audio, alp.wE speaker + alp.Sn interconnect

tubes: RCA 6SL7 + RCA 6SN7 (red base variants)

I absolutely love the speakers !!!  The synergy with my 18 wpc tube amp just cannot be overstated.


The Brelin R Mk-IIs will be the last speakers I ever own !!!


Best,  Mark

Part-Time Audiophile, 6/7/15 (Munich High-End Audio Show, May 2015 - Munich, on the Kabuki)

By Panagiotis Karavitis

"... their intriguing design consisting of a RAAL ribbon tweeter loaded in the bass horn along with two 12” woofers..." > Full review


Viking Acoustics TubeMaster Copenhagen

November, 2022

Jaime from Mallorca, Spain

I'm very satisfied with the sound of your Briton TubeMaster Copenhagen. These special loudspeakers (like your all other great models) combo very well with my present Symphonic Line RG2 MK5 Preamp and RG7 MK5 Poweramp. I consider it's my definitive audio equipment really. The bass is absolutely perfect. Here you are a recent pic. Sorry if the panorama is not quite good.




Torry, Hagto Audio, Lyngdal, Norway

On the dc10audio Berlin studio monitor

I first heard about dc10audio when I saw pictures from RMAF 2012. They caught my interest right away. They looked fantastic and they had very good sensitivity of 95db. Ideal for my tube amplifier.


In the end I bought a pair.


Unpacking these they were even more beautiful than I had imagined. They look just stunning!


What about the sound then? They are one of the most exciting loudspeakers I have heard, and I have heard a lot!


They have the largest image of sound I’ve ever heard from a loudspeaker! And they are one of the most open and transparent speakers I have ever heard.


I have tried them with Cary SET 300B, 47-lab clones, and big transistor amps from CODA Technologies.


They need some matching because they are so transparent. You get all there is on the record. If you use some time matching, and an amplifier rather against the rich and warm I think you will get some of the most exciting speakers that you can find out there.


I told my friends about these exiting speakers and one of my friends bought the big and beautiful L’Instrument. He is just as happy as me!




Jaime from Palma De Mallorca, Spain

On the Berlin R (alnico)

I want to tell you last Wednesday I received finally the Berlin R in perfect conditions (great packaging) and these last days I've listened to the Berlin's and I'm very happy for a very nice looking and fantastic sound really...strings, brass and vocals are stunning and I can feel the instruments now (I like very much piano and violin). I think the combo Resonator, AlNiCo and Duelund Cast Capacitors with the other parts have a great influence to get so fantastic sound.


So, I have not any doubt that I've found my definitive reference monitor speakers and I hope to enjoy many years with them in the future.


Thanks for are true professionals.



Robert, from San Francisco, USA

On the Berlin R

Great meeting you on Saturday [at T.H.E. Show at Newport]. Your room had the friendliest, unpretentious vibe. Of course sound is what most matters but I like to support good people. I feel like I'm making out great on both aspects. I honestly believe my modest setup at home with the Berlin R's was better than Anything I heard at the show.


Your Kabukis were awesome and I bet would sound even better in my house.

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Adam from Warsaw, Poland

On the Berlin II mini monitor + Audio Note

I connected Berlin II with extraordinary Audio Note KEGONS Low Gain version monoblocks delivering 22W matched with Audio Note preamplifier M8, the 86dB efficiency of Rogers LS 3/5a that construction is rather adapted to push-pulls, do not really let listeners enjoy the outstanding SET monoblocks signed by Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note. Nonetheless, while the set Rogers-Rogers plays very well high and middle frequencies referentially, and mid-bass is reach (at least, according to the ear of English traditionalist), AudioNote-Berlin II set plays referentially and emotionally to the full extent of frequencies (the only limit is the size of a room – I have a living room with quite big capacity!). A combination of AN and Rogers LS 3/5a does not make any sense and Berlin II with Rogers shows clearly difference between SET and push-pull configuration. And as it is not to me to judge if apple is better than pear, Berlin II mini monitors are able (providing honest court proceedings) to resolve an eternal, audiophile conflict (SET or push-pull).


However, there is a continuation of this story. If I understood well, a clever and patented construction of Viking Acoustics and actually its outstanding designers, release the bass-reflex sound pressure through the gap around tweeter horn, thus creating a virtual, point source of sound. This is how they provided a listener with a coherent 3D sound-stage (assuming the use of excellently paired mono-blocks or very decent amplifier). Berlin II mini monitors are entry level of products range od dc10audio, yet the are dream speakers and for many audiophiles (because of financial reasons but also due to the performance price ratio) could be starting, or even the ultimate music platform, supported by a decent, similar in price, tube amplifier from one of the leading producers. Today, the music source dose not have to cost anything, thanks to excellent DACs, and music servers working with USB, Ethernet or FireWire, but also, optic S/PDIF. Thus, thanks to dc10audio, one can have truly audiophile system for less than 8000USD. It’s really a groundbreaking construction, and when I see a Berlin’s II brother – Berlin studio monitor I can only imagine how more rich and joyful their sound could be. I’m more than sure that this American niche company, being a herald of the finest traditions of American technology (in the world again dominated by the Chinese mediocrity), representing a truly American spirit, reflected in such a beautiful way in the names of the greatest spaceships in history: Columbia, Discovery, Challenger, Atlantis and Endeavor, will conquer European, Asian and American audiophiles’ minds.


The best summary of this little bit lengthy review would be the fact that, after a couple of months of experiencing and testing of Berlin II mini monitors produced by company dc10audio, I ordered, without hesitation, their flagship instrument – The Instrument, which will be in my possession maybe even this year, and I will surely describe all my small and those bigger ecstasies, describing specific music pieces which let them.




Kent from Crockett, California, USA

On the Berlin II mini monitor

We very much love our new speakers, the Berlin II model. Music is now so full and rich and clean that we can hardly believe the difference from our old speakers. We know that we're now getting everything possible from our recordings and our new stereo equipment. Plus, your speakers are lovely to look at. Handcrafted from cherry and maple woods, and rising on cherry wood stands, they have a sculptural beauty and a striking presence. The workmanship is excellent, too. Thank you so much for making such high quality speakers. It's as if they were made especially for us!





Saud from Abu Dhabi

On L'Instrument 8PS and dc10audio Maestro M180 Mono Block power amplifiers


I have biased the new dc10audio mono block Power-Amp my pre-amp which I purchased from USA from a freelancing manufactures has just matched exactly with the dc10audio Power-Amp and the pairing is completely silent…as silent as a dead man. 


I connected a Synthesis-Magnus CDP and made the complete system tubes system…started with Bob Dylon, Bruce Springsteen, Cindy Lupard, ACDC and BonyM.


The vocals and strings for Bob Dylon and Cindy Lauper were very detailed crisp and clear…it was really pleasure to listen to the original music which I was missing all these years. Later I played ACDC and the lead guitar was amazing….the mind blowing thing was when I played Boney M…OMG, I never heard the music of Boney M so good before all these years…the bass was there at very low volumes and the vocals and instruments were really shocking for such an old recording. 


I had to listen to very low volume as it is late night…but the pairing of the L-Instruments with the other system was perfect. The L-Instruments delivered the right node and right output for the recording itself. There was no artificial flavors for the music.


The Horn loaded with the bass port…is amazing technology, I wonder how everything comes so clear and crisp ... actually this is the heart of the speaker you have manufactured…the two woofers in the bottom add the extra punch and depth to the music when required with right weight and depth…. It's really just too good.



Saud from Abu Dhabi

On L'Instrument 8PS


Now after a year of owning my L' Instrument 8PS speakers, I must say they are amazing speakers. I really can't explain how much I enjoy listening to them -- I am out of words to be honest to explain the detail these speakers have. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product. These speakers sound very good on complete tube set-up with a good TT with tube pre-amplifier to enhance the signal. Moreover they blast the bass-out when connected to solid-state and make them more dynamic for young generation... these speakers are simply superb on tube as well as solid state. I am so happy to own them and thanks very much for giving me such a masterpiece.



Patrick from Washington, DC, USA

On the Instrument 8PS

I am an Instrument 8 PS owner of about 6 months. These speakers are great. I know I'm not telling you something you don't already know -- they just are. I just left the Capital Audio Fest here in Maryland and listened to several systems and countless speakers and I can honestly say none of the speakers I heard sounded better than my 8PS speakers. I know I'm biased, but I usually leave shows like this wanting to burn (light a match to) my systems when I get home. Not this time. Your speakers are engaging, dynamic and something that I feel proud to own. I'm blown away at times by how good they sound. They look almost as good as they sound, and as you know they look great.


I just wanted you to know that you have a product that I am proud to own. Maybe you should consider showing them to more people like events such as CAF. I will gladly support you and the product in anyway you feel I `would be of the most good. I am a Network Engineer by trade, so I'm not a salesman. I heard a lot of speakers this weekend and mine really sounds better than what I heard. Tidal's 64k speakers and the Revel Studio2 were great, but the 8PS speakers are special.


I did not want to mention this because I know it sounds strange, but this is probably the only speaker that I have been able to feel. It seems there is texture or something tangible to the sounds produced by the speakers. I know it's called "The Instrument", but I wasn't expecting this. I referred to it as special in my previous email. The Revel or Tidal speakers did not have this.



Jim from Kempner, TX, USA

On the Wattson power amplifier

I've spent about 30 hours over the last 10 days listening to the Wattson with a variety of music: symphonic works with full orchestra, chamber music, small jazz groups, large jazz ensembles, choral music, rock & Texas singer-songwriters. About 25 hours was with CDs and the rest with FM radio. I've used an Accurus RL11 Pre (modded by Ken Ealey Audio), Thiel 3.5 speakers, a Lexicon RT-20 transport, a Monarchy Audio 22B DAC and a Sansui TU 717 tuner (modded by Joseph Chow at audio horizons). I didn't listen to any vinyl since I'm changing the tonearm & cartridge on my TT and haven't finished the setup yet.


I wasn't sure whether the difference I thought I was hearing was real or the product of my own mind hearing what it wanted/expected to hear.


Until last night when my wife walked through the room adjacent to the music room while I was playing a CD version of Santana's "Abraxas".


She stopped, came in & said it's never sounded like this before. I asked her what she meant, she thought for a few seconds & then said the music was "prettier" and it sounded like they were in the room with us.


And in a nutshell that's what I'd been hearing.


There's more detail in all of the music and all the instruments (including the human voice) sound more real & natural. The Wattson gives me a much better seat in the house than I've ever had before (whether it be a symphonic hall, jazz club or coffee house), the houses sound more spacious than before and the sounds are more musical than before. And when I close my eyes I'm no longer in my music room - I'm in the venue where the music is being played and the sounds aren't coming from my speakers, they're coming from the performing musicians.


What has surprised me is that this difference is also there when I'm listening to 2 FM stations in Austin I tune in frequently (KUT, which features a lot of jazz & singer-songwriters and KMFA which is all classical).


There is a down side though: the Wattson made it pretty obvious that a couple CDs I listened to weren't that good sonically. Either the performance was poorly recorded, or the recording wasn't transferred very well to the production CDs.


But that seems a small price to pay for the magic the Wattson does to the music.


I'm really glad I got this amp.





Derek Ann Arbor, Michigan 2018 

on BRITON Hybrid AlNiCo + Allnic

Thanks for the Nils.  Already saw the Briton Trafomatic  demo!  I demonstrated my Briton Hybrids for my neighbor who is a professional musician and professor of music at University of Michigan.  He was blown away.




Mark Anderson Albany, Western Australia 2017

dc10audio Asymmetric loudspeaker Cables


Hi David, I have the DC10audio Asymmetric cable 2.5 metre with Sitka Bolos and spades at either ends. I use 4 monoblocks so I run two pairs of speaker cables. The other pair are Wireworld Silver Eclipse 5.2. Whilst they are an exceptional cable, I believe your Asymmetric cables are more open and liquid. They sound more alive and vivid, yet remain very neutral sounding. They seem to be able to bring the music to life. All my amps and preamp are valves and these cables are a marriage made in Heaven! I would like to purchase another pair to run into the low frequency end of my speakers, which are AR LST over 40 years young!!



April 2019

BRITON III Co-Axial Loudspeakers + 300B tube amplifier


Hi David,

It's been sufficient time, I think, to get to know your Briton III's a little better, having put 10-12 hrs. on them.  The highest complement I could pay them is that I have stopped looking further.  As so many of us have done over the years, going from speaker to speaker, looking for the ideal match, I have come to some conclusions about what to look for: 1) Sensitivity high enough to accommodate a low watt s.e.t. amp. 2) Frequency range sufficient to eliminate need for a sub. 3) Passive rather than active powered units, 4) A "big" sound that is balanced and realistic from a relatively small and easy to handle unit, 5) Real hard wood and workmanship a definite plus.  The BIII's have it all - refinement, presence, large and deep sound stage, easy to drive, dead quiet white space, lovely upper & mid range and  down to what must be the limits of the audible range.  But more than the individual aspects of the soundscape is the synergy where it all seems to come together to present a most aesthetically pleasing listening experience: I am truly able to "enjoy the music," and look forward to many years with them in my home.

Best regards!



RMAF 2012

Berlin "mini" in  South Korea

Kabuki Ohaku in Moscow

L'Instrument Prototype at RMAF 2013

Berlin R with Audio Tekne RMAF 2015

Berlin R AlNiCo in Mallorca, Spain

Kabuki in Prague with Audio Tekne

BRITON II Wide-Body and Berlin Mini with Allnic In Melbourne, Australia

Kabuki in Bergen, Norway

BRITON Hybrid AlNiCo with Asymmetric Cables

L'instrument in Norway


Mighty Berlin Mini R Best Small Monitor Hi-Fi Club Magazine of South Korea


Michael (Acoustical Engineer) from Portland Oregon

May 2018


Berlin R Mk-II with Asymmetric Reference Cables

So, the next three nights I got them the rest of the way dialed in, and they started to settle into the room. What an amazing difference even after only about 7 or 8 hours. By hours 10 through 15, they are really showing their abilities.  I have never heard more amazing vocal reproductions. July London, Nat King Cole, Patricia Barber, Holly Cole, Nick Drake, Diana Washington, Billie Holiday, I can go on and on…it’s kind of spooky…


I’m very pleased with the low end, quick accurate and quite full for a relativity small speaker.  I must say, they are larger then I had imagined.  Oh, the wood work, amazing, I am so pleased with look of the wood, the perfect horns, it’s really quite amazing. More to come........


It’s interesting, every time I listen to them, it almost like a new speaker…last night played some bass heavy music, Dead Can Dance, Leonard Cohen, etc…the low end is amazing.  So tight, deep and clean.  


Asymmetric Reference speaker cable. May 19th 2018

Mac Mini
Metrum Octave 2 DAC
LFD LE 4 Integrated amplifier
Viking Briton Hybrid Speakers

After my eye opening experience with the Asymmetric cable,I was excited to see what the Reference Asymmetric speaker cable could possibly do to better its predecessor. David had mentioned that the cable had only about an hour burn in so plugging in the cables did not bring any exciting moments. I Let the cable burn in for a while and at about 95 hours the cables began to reveal their magic, these cables are almost like a key that unlocks the speakers true potential. It’s made such an impression on me that I have begun to consider speaker cables as important as components like amplifier, sources etc. Every breath, creak ,foot shuffle is crystal clear floating in a projection of sound.The album Mingus 5’s first track llBS is a torture test that I use for any equipment and have never been able to listen without rushing to turn down the volume but with these cables /speaker combination it’s just musicians making beautiful music. Low frequencies are clearly packing more heft, instrument and vocal decays just linger. I think anyone interested in Audio should try these cables, especially with Viking acoustics speakers and if it doesn’t work out just return them. Viking acoustics for me has been a superb learning experience and sure seems like I have found the audio setup I have been looking for.

Thanks a lot David.



Berlin R Mk-II 


Gottenburg's massive solid silica bronze logarithmic horns and solid bronze suspension arms weigh in at 130 lbs! each and can be ordered in solid 925 fine sterling silver for the ultimate high-end expression

DD_Bronze Color 2_2-wht-bg_clipped_rev_2

Kabuki's unique rear dual resonator


May 29th, 2020

BRITON TubeMaster Loudspeakers

From PK 

Vancouver, Washington

Hi David,

The New TubeMaster speakers are settling in beautifully! I have the attenuation knob set at 9:00 which sounds just right for my room and have about 150 hours clocked on the speakers now please note that the The sound right out of the box was outstanding! (in a different league) Bass is amazing no need for any subwoofer as you said Bandwidth is key! I'll add the Maestro Integrated as my next Viking purchase!

Best Wishes,


April 2019

BRITON III Co-Axial Loudspeakers + 300B tube amplifier


Hi David,

It's been sufficient time, I think, to get to know your Briton III's a little better, having put 10-12 hrs. on them.  The highest complement I could pay them is that I have stopped looking further.  As so many of us have done over the years, going from speaker to speaker, looking for the ideal match, I have come to some conclusions about what to look for: 1) Sensitivity high enough to accommodate a low watt s.e.t. amp. 2) Frequency range sufficient to eliminate need for a sub. 3) Passive rather than active powered units, 4) A "big" sound that is balanced and realistic from a relatively small and easy to handle unit, 5) Real hard wood and workmanship a definite plus.  The BIII's have it all - refinement, presence, large and deep sound stage, easy to drive, dead quiet white space, lovely upper & mid range and  down to what must be the limits of the audible range.  But more than the individual aspects of the soundscape is the synergy where it all seems to come together to present a most aesthetically pleasing listening experience: I am truly able to "enjoy the music," and look forward to many years with them in my home.

Best regards!


Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 5.49.32 PM.png

Kabuki in Munich with Audio Tekne 8 watt tube amplifier


June 20,2020

Berlin R Mk-II Loudspeakers powered with Pass Labs XA-25

John from Victoria, Australia

Hi David,

The Berlin R Mk-II continue to sound wonderful with jigsaw puzzle like soundstage; where all the pieces fit together perfectly.

Close-up study of the Berlin R Mk-II's reveal impressive bass that shakes my entire room. It's true the resonator increases bass by 5db! Again, the soundstage is like a picture glued and fixed together in space! Unbelievable results as these burn in.

October 19, 2020


Viking Acoustics TubeMaster Loudspeakers

Viking Acoustics Asymmetric Cables and IC's


I have about 1500 hours on the Tubemasters. These speakers take some time to settle down. Having had them moved back again the front wall about half a foot has resulted in a ultra refined sound, layered soundstage front to back and extending well beyond the edges of the speakers, it truly resembles the sound of vinyl . Fifties and sixties mono recordings sound like the artist is in the room which I was able to dial in with the use of the mid / high frequency attenuator knob presently at the 10:30 position to be precise and speaker tow-in.My 15 by 21 ft room with 7.5 ft high ceiling is being filled with such tuneful bass its astonishing! I have not heard this level of engrossing, neutral sound in my two decades of pursuing this hobby ie without any room treatment what so ever! The Tubemaster's play all kinds of music be it Classical, Indian-classical ,electronic, singer songwriter, jazz, effortlessly which is what makes it so difficult to end a listening session and keeps me looking forward to switching on and enjoying my system. To me that is the trait of a well designed speaker.

Thanks David
Best wishes

BRITON Hybrid Monitors

December, 2020



I have your Viking Acoustic Hybrid Briton Monitors and they are so damn good. I have had my Quad 57s sitting in corner of a bedroom with a tear in there eye waiting to get back in for 2 months.  Not ordinary Quad 57s either as the were just completely refurbished by ESL Solutions. This is my second pair of Viking Loudspeakers!

Cheers, Brett Klein

January 2, 2021


Viking Acoustics Grande Voix


My Point of reference starts with Mark Isham - Ashes and Diamonds.  The piano and trumpet are so clear and concise it makes you feel like your are sitting next to the artist.  The same for - On the threshhold of Liberty.  Hearing each musical instrument on this track is really important for me.  Then moving on to Will Ackerman - Floyd's Ghost.  The guitar screeches, piano solo's are perfectly balanced in each speaker.  For critical listening the Imaginary Road album would help you define the quality of your system.  Finally for voicing I selected Eva Cassidy - Somewhere over the Rainbow, Jewel - Love used to be and Annette Askvik - Liberty.  The performance of the Grande Voix absolutely blows away the performance of my more expensive Sonus Faber speakers by a long shot.  I thought I was sitting in the front row of a live concert listening to these talented singers and the sax at the end of Liberty just emphasized how good these speakers really perform.


Phoenix, Arizona USA



Hi David,
It seems it is taking as long for me to get an appreciation of this loudspeaker as it took to arrive in Sonoma following the holidays and trucking delays.
The Berlin 1887 is a relatively small stand-mounted speaker that has a concert hall filling capability. This is due in part to its beautifully crafted cherry cabinet and solid maple turned horns.
They come alive with fairly low-powered tube amplification revealing remarkable detail and in the best recordings, a hologram-like depiction of the recording venue, from recording studio to cathedral. Bass is full and not rolled off to any appreciable degree. Treble is ever so slightly tipped up, due in some measure, I suspect, due to the horn’s projection in my small space.  But just as most music lives and breaths in the mid-range, the Berlin 1887 conveys the magical richness, balance and excitement of live performance. As such, they represent a sound investment for the discerning music lover. 

Associated equipment: J.A. Michell Orbe SE, SME IV tonearm, MY Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Bc cartridge, Shelter 411 type II SUT, Air Tight ATE-2 preamp, Air Tight ATM-1 power amp.

Submitted February 25,  2022
Eric Sonoma, CA

I am very happy to see and hear Kabuki speaker by dc10 audio in Los Angeles. This it is a great honor for me. The look resembles kabuki drama and movement beautiful at every angle. The sound is not hi-fi but much more real, not small sound but expansive sound. I can only say kabuki is a great honor to the name.

Design Team Member (Sony Hi-End Audio Division)

Newport Beach, California


BERLIN R with Audio Tekne

BERLIN R and Audio Tekne Demo

Fred Crane from Boston


Gottenburg-Odin with Audio Tekne


Enter the Gottenburg Odin.  It manages all of the things a mammoth statement speaker should, but that's not what makes it truly great.  So often a large speaker, horn or otherwise, is thought to be a proclaimer of maximum volume, realistic dynamics, and thunderous bass. Some even manage those.  Well the Gottenburg handles those elements with ease, but it goes further.  What it does better than any speaker in my experience are harmonic textures that exist in a live hall; those subtle undertones and overtones that make all notes richer, not just those low on the chart.  Think of it as the difference between playing a C chord on a spinet versus a C chord on a 9 ft Hamburg Steinway.  It's the richness of real music. 


You'll never know just how powerful a cello is until you hear it on the Gottenburgs.  (Richter on these is a physical experience.) It also manages to be seamless in the way that a single driver speaker is seamless ... incredible.


One can enjoy them near- or far-field (impossible with most horn designs), and when thunder and God's own fury needs to erupt from the Gottenburg, you will cower and rejoice. 


Berlin R Mk-II and Maestro tube amplifier Demo demonstrates the power the horn has to project the trumpet to scale at a live volume level so brace your ears this recording is in-your-face! (Notice the room has zero acoustic treatments and a hard floor) The trumpet alone is very difficult for a traditional loudspeaker to reproduce and nearly impossible at this volume level without distorting.

Big organ music is possible with just 15 watts per channel with Berlin bass-horn.

Robert from Boston September 2018

Berlin R Mk-II


The sound of Berlin R Mk-II borders on being ethereal.


Hi, David:


I would appreciate the opportunity to audition the M-25R, and I would be more than pleased to write a review.  


The Berlin’s sound absolutely terrific (I have not heard better - anywhere), but I had to move them further into the room than I thought would be necessary.  My room has a negative bass frequency node (if there is such a thing) if the speakers are placed too close to the rear wall.  I have been fighting this since the Berlin’s arrived.  Virtually all speakers I have had in the listening room have ended up pretty much where I now have the Berlin’s.  Oh, what a difference!  


The speakers completely disappear as a source of music, and the soundstage is simply amazing.  I can’t describe it, but I think subtle ambient musical cues, which are masked by most speakers, are now coming through as the musicians and recording engineers intended.  This is a tough trick to pull off for any speaker, but the Berlin’s allow you to be immersed in the performance unlike any speaker I have heard.  As a point of reference, the Berlin’s displaced Avantgarde Duo Omega’s, which, in turn, displaced Audio Tekne speakers.  The Berlin’s are being driven by an Audio Tekne TFM-9412 amp (8w).



Gottenburg Master Silver Interconnects



It’s been about 3 months since I added the Viking acoustics interconnects into my audio setup.It replaced an Audio Magic Illusion Liquid Air interconnect.

The Viking interconnects take quite a long time to show their true capabilities (approximately 500hours). David had mentioned that it’s like using no cable in other words it just passes the signal on without adding or removing anything from the signal, I can’t quite say what that would sounds like but from what I hear is absolutely wonderful. 

Wide uncompressed soundstage, very true to life instrumental representation. An interesting thing I have noticed with these cables in the mix is that I now am removing a lot of the digital filters settings on my Metrum Octave mk2 NOS DAC. Older recordings from the fifties, sixties sound outstanding. I find myself listening for long hours into the night and not wanting to turn off my system.


Thanks David



L'Instrument Named Best floor standing loudspeaker by Hi-Fi and Audio Magazine  Seoul, South Korea


Berlin Mini R Best Small Monitor 


Berlin R Best Large Monitor


BERLIN 1887 a Homage to Emile Berliner

IMG_8334 (1)_clipped_rev_1.png

BRITON III 15" Co-Axial Loudspeaker

The Mighty Gottenburg with 8 watt Audio Tekne tube Amplifier demo

The prototype speaker proved that super efficient loudspeakers can produce earth shaking bass with just a few watts and that high frequency can be reproduced to over 50,000hz with the same output. Gottenburg stands alone in reproducing massive sound with so few watts.


Maestro M-40 amplifier with Fantom bass-horn loudspeakers. Fantom is a bit of a throwback to the original dc10 loudspeaker of the 1970's.

January 2020

Viking Acoustics Berlin R + Audio Tekne


Hi, David:


Yesterday I hosted a small gathering of local audiophiles and, last night, I received the comment, below, from one of the guys who attended:


"Thou art the host with the most; the mostest, baddest, outrageousest audio system I done ever laid ears on.
And that ain’t the half of it....

Thank you for the opportunity to witness the splendor. I’m honored to have been able to spend an afternoon in audio bliss; not once ever hearing ANY deficiency AND hearing the most complete absence of “electronica” in my 60 year pursuit of live music at home. Everything was RIGHT and righteous.

January 23, 2020, a day that shall live in glory, stands as the high-water mark of my 6-decade quest for the truth, the audio truth, and nothing but the audio truth.”  Wow!!


Last week I finally broke down (after 16 years) and re-tubed my Audio Tekne amp per Imai-san’s instructions.  Namely, I removed the Sophia mesh plate 300B’s and 274A’s and replaced them with high-quality 300B’s and NOS Sylvania 5Z3’s (2 rectifier tubes).  I also replaced the preamp tubes with NOS Telefunken 6463’s (2) and 5687’s (2). Basically, I returned the amp to the way Audio Tekne intended the amp to perform.


The improvement in the sound of the amp is beyond my ability to describe, but the comments, above, are a hint.  The guy who wrote those words, and about four others who attended, are now scouring the web for Audio Tekne equipment and Viking speakers.


If you are looking for a reason why I am hesitant to move forward with L’Instrument, you have to look no further than the absolutely unbelievable sound of my current system.  The general comment yesterday was “don’t change a thing!”


The Berlin’s, driven by 8-watts of Audio Tekne power, produce the most dynamic, dramatic, and realistic sound I, and others, have ever heard.  And, we are talking about seasoned, well-healed, audiophiles who can pretty much afford what it takes to achieve sonic nirvana.  


If anyone in New England is interested in listening to Viking speakers, one session at chez Bob will convince anyone to move forward.  And, the extremely high w.a.f. is icing on the cake.


Absolutely unbelievable!






L'Instrument Grande Voix (PRO STUDIO version)


Robin from New Jersey, USA

On the Berlin studio monitor

The new Reference Recordings LP "Exotic Dances from the Opera" playing on Sophia Electric 206 "Princess" tube in my Tektron switchable SET amp into the Berlins has to be heard to be believed!

Big bass and amazing soundstage with tremendous detail. Inner space and air abound. This combo is going to be a big hit at RMAF!


SPEAKER-X concept

January 2, 2021


Viking Acoustic L'Instrument Grande Voix First Impressions

Many of you have followed my journey over the last 18 months to find a new system while building a new home..  I received tons of advice under Audiogon's forum - Horn Speaker Recommendation and then Will's Horn finalists through What's Best Forum.  
My last system included Wilson Audio Duette 2's and Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage speakers, with a Raven Reflection MK2 integrated tube amp and Lumin A-1 and X-1 DAC / Streamer.  

After selling my housa including all of my audio system, I embarked on a national search for new components from New Jersey to Southern California.  I listened to over 30 different speakers.  I live in Arizona.

I ended up buying Canary Audio Grande Reference 300 B mono amps.  There are 16 golden lion 300 B tubes along with TUNGSOL rectifier tubes. This is mate to a Canary Audio C1800 pre-amp.  I also have the LUMIN X-1 Dac / Streamer.  I have perfect path technologies tweaks everywhere and I have 15 synergistic research HFT's in strategic locations. I have an InaKustic 3500P Power Conditioner and power cords and cables.
After an exhaustive search, I settled on Viking Acoustic Grande Voix speakers.  I now have roughly 50 hours on my system and I could not be happier.  It is the best system that I have owned.  I was worried about bass response with a horn speakers but with an 18 inch woofer I have Bass personified.  The Grande Voix have two hand-turned carved wood horns on each speaker in a custom black finish with woodtone dual horns.  In my case,  I need to be able to place them close to a back wall and these work perfect. I have a Cavernous room with 16 foot cathedral ceilings. Some would say that would be an acoustic nightmare. However, the Grand Voix's deliver big Symphonic sound and that is what I was after. I wanted to be able to hear the strings,  the sliding fingers down the guitar frets, the pinging of the piano, the accuracy of a trumpet or saxophone and the beauty of a violin or cello. The speaker works well with rock also. It can play loud.  However I am more into critical listening with the separation of the musical instruments as if I was the engineer on the soundboard

My Point of reference starts with Mark Isham - Ashes and Diamonds.  The piano and trumpet are so clear and concise it makes you feel like your are sitting next to the artist.  The same for - On the threshhold of Liberty.  Hearing each musical instrument on this track is really important for me.  Then moving on to Will Ackerman - Floyd's Ghost.  The guitar screeches, piano solo's are perfectly balanced in each speaker.  For critical listening the Imaginary Road album would help you define the quality of your system.  Finally for voicing I selected Eva Cassidy - Somewhere over the Rainbow, Jewel - Love used to be and Annette Askvik - Liberty.  The performance of the
Grande Voix absolutely blows away the performance of my more expensive Sonus Faber speakers by a long shot.  I thought I was sitting in the front row of a live concert listening to these talented singers and the sax at the end of Liberty just emphasized how good these speakers really perform. For fun I then tried some techno music from Yello.  The sound pressure level is unreal could say "club live".  The sound was huge, deep and no distortion, which is proof the the Canary Amps with 125 WPC of 300B power can easily drive my 98db Grande Voix speakers with ease in my large room.  Even when I am in another room I can still hear the spearation of musical instruments.  

One item that separates Viking from say mass production speakers is that David Counsell can image the speakers to your musical tastes.  When he listened to my speakers after they were initially completed he thought they were imaged too much toward a Rock taste in early testing.  He quickly changed them to meet my more musical tastes.  i will also say his woodworking skills and finish are exceptional.  My wife was not a fan of horn speakers to begin with but after seeing these she changed her tune.  You can see my system under Willgolf's System in the virtual section.  

Throughout this whole process of building a house and finding a new system, I had some major health problems this summer which left me Functionally Blind.  So, if there are mistakes....oh well.... Sometimes voice activation doesn't work as well as I would like.
I would like to thank all of you who participated in my forum and a special thanks to the following people:

Krissy Tetrault - Perfect Path Technologies
Dave Lalin - The Audio Doctor
Larry Diaz - High End Audio Palace
Peter - The Cable Company
Bob - Worldwide Wholesales
David Counsell - Viking Acoustics
John and Tony - Canary Audio

Finally, I think I almost have my be all end all system.  David makes a speaker called Gottenburg which would be my dream.  I am also thinking about a Lampizator Pacific DAC even though I love my Lumin X-1.  Are Audiophiles ever perfectly happy with their system...LOL  Peace and Happiness in the new year.  

John Barlow Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

January 19th, 2021




Berlin R 1887 Horn Loudspeakers




I've had my pair of Berlin speakers for about 7 months. They replaced a pair of Daedalus Audio DA RMs V.2 and a large pair of Fried Reference. I wasn't looking for another set of speakers. I'm lucky enough to live in Santa Fe where the speakers are manufactured, so I was able to audition them. David delivered them to my house the next day. He set them up and I listened to them where he placed them. I spent the next few days moving them around my 17x17ft listening room. I was having a hard time making them "disappear" so I kept working with them and in the long haul I set them up where my other speakers sit. I could now listen to them without distractions. They are very revealing but not in a bad way. The treble is just right. It's never fatiguing. The mids are beautiful, fully fleshed out. And the bass, W well let me say it's deep enough for me to turn off my 2 subwoofers that I always thought were necessary. I recently put the Daedalus speakers back in the system. I like them very much. They're very easy to listen to as is often said about Vandersteens. Once I got up the gumption, I put the Berlin's back into the mix. I was shocked. The one word that came to mind was "clarity" wow, there is so much more information. . The "Windex effect". I won't be playing with other speakers anymore. The Berlin's are keepers.

Bernd from Berlin

May 29th, 2021 


Pre-Owned SN.212 Viking Acoustics L'Instrument bass-horns. My listening room is approx. 30 sqm, the listening position. A part of my equipment is the Kondo Kegon amplifier with 2 x 20 W, and the M7 pre amplifier.  Other Kondo electronics.

Now I am a proud owner of a pair of L’Instrument. It is not the newest model, as they are 8 years old. The looks of them is phantastic, real wood is better than anything else, no matter what it is, may be except gold. They are perfect visually not only in the front, but also in the back, which is unusual. The music details are incredible, With my last speakers, I thought there is no way to progress further! But L'Instrument do. They play very airy and very open. The voices are realistic and totally natural. Luckily they are totally insensitive in placing, they have only a little toe in and the back end of them is approx. 50 cm from the back wall. I will continue with joy to optimise the placing anyway, because I can’t believe that they are so easy to place. I am sure I have many very nice hours in front of me to listen to them in my setup.

They are taller then I thought in the first place, but this not a problem for me as they are beautiful.


Dr. John

Saudi Arabia

November 2021

Viking Acoustics L'Instrument Loudspeakers.


I own PMC MB2SE these are big speakers as you can see below, based on Studio Monitor design.


Before these I owned the smaller model Berlin’s and PMC Twenty26. In Australia I have a pair of Elac floor standers, and I’ve owned Monitor Audio Gold 100 and still have my Gold 50’s.


So yes I’ve tried a few. The L’Instruments are far and away the best speakers I’ve owned. I have no need for anything else. Their range up mid and down are so impressive that they are my end game speakers.


They suit high powered amps as well as SET amps. You can play with those solutions.


These are absolutely real value for the money.

​​Saud from Abu Dhabi

November 2021

L'instrument loudspeakers

with Viking Acoustics Maestro tube mono blocks


I still have my L'Instruments and listen to them sometimes as the available space in my current living room is not suitable for such large speakers. Every time I listen to them I feel so good and think about Viking Acoustics. These speakers are one of the best things in my life. 

BERLIN R Named one of the Seven Finest Sounding Loudspeakers in the World at any price... Audio lifestyle magazine 2015

new_poland_high_end_audio_show_2015_mono_and_stereo_matej_isak_test_2016_new_2015_ - 1 (1)

Jaime, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

November 2022


I'm very satisfied with the sound of your Briton TubeMaster Copenhagen. These special loudspeakers (like your all other great models) combo very well with my present Symphonic Line RG2 MK5 Preamp and RG7 MK5 Poweramp. I consider it's my definitive audio equipment really. Here you are a recent pic. Sorry if the panorama is not quite good.


Audio Equipment Jaime.jpg

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