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Most Viking Acoustics Loudspeakers are available as Pro Studio Version. Fancy matched grain tone-wood gives way to a more utilitarian professional version: less fancy wood, slightly less money, same incredible sound.


Less decorum, less distraction, plus sustainability. The focus of the Pro Studio is Sound reproduction: well, and beauty too. Durable "Near Black" epoxy paint is standard other colors are available at extra charge.

Cabinets and baffle in heavily braced void free ply finished in durable epoxy paint. Turned wood Horns in North American maple with a hand rubbed oil finish other wood variations available at extra charge.

Solid wood semi-active tone-wood baffle is replaced with braced void-free ply baffle and has semi active rear panel and the same internal resonator bypass configuration.

No woofer grills

Can be voiced for the Room/Studio size and acoustic reality. Higher output drivers available for larger rooms and halls. 


Viking Acoustics Bass-Horns for a recording Studio?


Viking Acoustics horn loading is different from any other. We don't use horn loaded compression drivers which often exaggerate the mid and upper registers  or "honk." Our horn is not this horn but a multi-function form.


The horn serves as the bass reflex for the woofer and a wave-guide for the high frequency driver loaded within the mouth of the horn. The tweeter or wide-bander is mounted deep in the mouth of horn with an air gap to the woofer. Timing is improved physically by pushing the tweeter way-back from the front of the speaker and the bass-driver. The back side of the horn is utilized as well; overlapping the woofer as much as 30% which further supports bass and reduces distortion organically. 


The Horn works like a single, unified, organic amplifier for the entire sound spectrum. From the lowest lows to the highest highs...Drivers that work less hard have lower distortion per given output!


Our horn system reproduces music with unequaled coherence and undeniable the best bass-slam in the business.  Because there is no exaggerated sound and the coherence is so good Viking horn loudspeakers are exceptional for near-field listening. The Viking Horn system along with our unique resonating /damper produces and reproduces sound which is truly full-Bandwidth, open, highly detailed, tectonic and of course dynamic! 


Whether you're just looking for the best sounding loudspeakers made for your critical listening at home or a Professional; Viking Pro Studio is a new idea based on the oldest  acoustic amplifier on earth; the logarithmic Horn.


Grande Voix PRO STUDIO Version

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