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  • BERLIN R Mk-III  (Demo) Monza Red epoxy with turned maple horns + with matching  solid maple stands.  $11,500+ shipping $16,500 list 

  • BERLIN R Mk-III  (B-Stock) New Pair Solid maple horns and baffle with matching stands.

       $8200 + shipping $14,500 list  SOLD

  • BERLIN R Mk-III Pro-Studio Version (B+ stock) New Pair Solid maple horns Black epoxy paint with matching stands voiced for near field.

       $6800 + shipping $11,500 list  


  • ​​BERLIN R Mk-III New Pair Solid maple horns and baffle with matching stands.

       $14,500 list SOL​D


  • BERLIN R 1887 Serial No. 01/03! Trade-In one year old. Near mint condition 5 year warranty. Berlin 1887 pays tribute to Japanese audio and the creator of the turntable. One of three pairs of Berlin 1887 in this combination. 1887 has unique fully active cabinet architecture. American cherry, solid maple horns and "Audio Tekne blue" side panels.

       $8,800 + shipping $15,500 list  SOLD

  • BERLIN R Mk-II Serial No. 001! Mint trade-in with 5 year warranty. One of a kind pair of Berlin R with every possible upgrade. You won't find a finer sounding stand-mount  loudspeaker at ANY price! Baffles and horns in solid and rare Claro walnut cabinets in billets of highly figured Myrtle-wood Mk-II blade stands in solid Claro walnut. Hand made drivers with horn flared walnut phase plugs + top internals.  $14,500  SOLD


  • TubeMaster New pair in two-tone cherry with maple center cabinets in near black epoxy. Pair has upgraded matching drivers, wire, and internals. Fantastic! $19,500.   Review Price $14,800 SOL​D

  • BERLIN R Mk-III New pair waiting for horns: choose contrasting maple or matching cherry for tone-on-tone. Cabinets, baffles, and solid cherry stands completed. 3 week wait for horns and final assembly/testing. SOLD

  • BRITON Hybrid Loudspeaker Demo pair (20 hours) solid heirloom cherry baffle + white "Armored" dual laminated med-ex cabinets upgraded full ranger driver in acoustic lens with spruce wood phase plugs , upgraded woofer with hand-made ecru coloured diaphragm, upgraded internal resonator includes cherry "Parsons" stands  (list$11,800) $6800  SOLD

  • FANTOM Statement Bass-Horn loudspeaker. Matte black with clear heirloom maple.  High-efficiency totally passive 5-way design. 13" sub-bass 10" wide-band mid-woofer 2.5" dome midrange 1.25" dome tweeter, Neo ribbon super tweeter hidden in the mouth of the horn vent at the top. Serial No. 001 prototype horn blades are fixed non-adjustable. 120 hours new.  Breathtaking sound without peer!  SOLD

  • BRITON Hybrid with upgrades! Loudspeaker pair solid Cherry face (baffle) laminated black cabinets upgraded drivers with spruce-wood phase plugs includes solid cherry Parsons stands (Trade-In) Mint 9.0 condition 5 Year Warranty $6250.00 ($11,850 msrp) (Pictured below) SOLD

  • BERLIN R Mk-II Horn Loudspeaker pair (Trade-In) Walnut with American highly figured Ash-wood horns all Ash-wood Mid-Century stands SOLD

  • BERLIN 1887 (Limited Edition SN: 01) DEMO (20 hours) In American cherry with maple horns. Laminated panels in AT gray gloss. MSRP $14,500 $ 9200 SOLD

  • BERLIN R Mk-II Horn Loudspeaker pair limited edition SN. 01/01 (Trade-In) Claro walnut horns and baffle with vintage myrtle-wood cabinets vintage myrtle-wood and walnut blade stands pair with all upgrades ecru coloured wide-band bass driver with turned flared phase plugs $13,200 ($19,200) SOLD

  • BRITON Hybrid Loudspeaker (discontinued) new pair solid heirloom Cherry face + white med-ex cabinets upgraded full ranger in acoustic lens, upgraded internal resonator includes cherry stands SOLD 

  • BRITON Hybrid Loudspeaker pair Cherry face + white cabinets includes cherry stands (demo) 100 hours very good condition SOLD

  • ​BERLIN R Horn Loudspeaker pair AT Gray+ Curly Maple Horns  (trade-in) Excellent Condition (9.5/10) with Blade stands SOLD​

  • BRITON II (wide-body) (trade-in) Walnut with Cherry Horns SOLD

  • BERLIN R Horn Loudspeaker pair Walnut cabinets maple horns Very good condition (8/10) SOLD

  • ​​MAESTRO M-15 INTEGRATED tube amplifier (Demo) As New SOLD

  • Asymmetric Speaker Cables pure silver plus 6N copper 5Meter pair red jackets + maple blocks (trade-in) SOLD

  • Asymmetric Speaker Cables pure silver plus 6N copper (higher-power) 2.5Meter pair with liquid-silver coloured jackets + maple blocks (demo) SOLD 



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