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  • BERLIN R Mk-II Serial No. 001! Mint trade-in with 5 year warranty

  • One of a kind pair of Berlin R with every possible upgrade. You won't find a finer sounding stand-mount  loudspeaker at ANY price! Baffles and horns in solid and rare Claro walnut cabinets in billets of highly figured Myrtle-wood Mk-II blade stands in solid Claro walnut. Hand made drivers with horn flared walnut phase plugs + top internals. Delish! $17,500

  • TubeMaster New pair in two-tone cherry with maple center cabinets in near black epoxy. Pair has upgraded matching drivers, wire, and internals. Fantastic! $19,500.   Review Price $14,800

  • BERLIN R Mk-III New pair waiting for horns: choose contrasting maple or matching cherry for tone-on-tone. Cabinets, baffles, and solid cherry stands completed. 3 week wait for horns and final assembly/testing. $14,500.   Review Price $11,800  SOLD

  • BRITON Hybrid Loudspeaker Demo pair (20 hours) solid heirloom cherry baffle + white "Armored" dual laminated med-ex cabinets upgraded full ranger driver in acoustic lens with spruce wood phase plugs , upgraded woofer with hand-made ecru coloured diaphragm, upgraded internal resonator includes cherry "Parsons" stands  (list$11,800) $6800  SOLD

  • FANTOM Statement Bass-Horn flat black with clear heirloom maple  high-efficiency totally passive 5-way design. 13" sub-bass 10" wide-band mid-woofer 2.5" dome midrange 1.25" dome tweeter Neo ribbon super tweeter hidden in the mouth of the horn vent at the top. Serial No 001  horn blades are fixed non-adjustable 120 hours new.  Breathtaking sound without peer!  $22,500  delivery and set-up possible for Western States + $500 Domestic Freight shipment + $1200.00 SOLD

  • BRITON Hybrid with upgrades! Loudspeaker pair solid Cherry face (baffle) laminated black cabinets upgraded drivers with spruce-wood phase plugs includes solid cherry Parsons stands (Trade-In) Mint 9.0 condition 5 Year Warranty $6250.00 ($11,850 msrp) (Pictured below) SOLD

  • BERLIN R Mk-II Horn Loudspeaker pair (Trade-In) Walnut with American highly figured Ash-wood horns all Ash-wood Mid-Century stands SOLD

  • BERLIN 1887 (Limited Edition SN: 01) DEMO (20 hours) In American cherry with maple horns. Laminated panels in AT gray gloss. MSRP $14,500 $ 9200 SOLD

  • BERLIN R Mk-II Horn Loudspeaker pair limited edition SN. 01/01 (Trade-In) Claro walnut horns and baffle with vintage myrtle-wood cabinets vintage myrtle-wood and walnut blade stands pair with all upgrades ecru coloured wide-band bass driver with turned flared phase plugs $13,200 ($19,200) SOLD

  • BRITON Hybrid Loudspeaker (discontinued) new pair solid heirloom Cherry face + white med-ex cabinets upgraded full ranger in acoustic lens, upgraded internal resonator includes cherry stands SOLD 

  • BRITON Hybrid Loudspeaker pair Cherry face + white cabinets includes cherry stands (demo) 100 hours very good condition SOLD

  • ​BERLIN R Horn Loudspeaker pair AT Gray+ Curly Maple Horns  (trade-in) Excellent Condition (9.5/10) with Blade stands SOLD​

  • BRITON II (wide-body) (trade-in) Walnut with Cherry Horns SOLD

  • BERLIN R Horn Loudspeaker pair Walnut cabinets maple horns Very good condition (8/10) SOLD

  • MAESTRO M-15 INTEGRATED tube amplifier (Demo) As New SOLD

  • Asymmetric Speaker Cables pure silver plus 6N copper 5Meter pair red jackets + maple blocks (trade-in) SOLD

  • Asymmetric Speaker Cables pure silver plus 6N copper (higher-power) 2.5Meter pair with liquid-silver coloured jackets + maple blocks (demo) SOLD 



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