L'Instrument Grande Voix

Statement... dual-horn Masterpiece!

Sound and Art become Passion

A loudspeaker like no other. More efficient than Fantom and more of what has made Berlin and L'instrument groundbreaking loudspeakers is L'Instrument Grande Voix.


Driver Compliment:



1.25"Textile dome tweeter with machined titanium coil former loaded within the larger double purpose horn: acting as wave-guide for the tweeter and bass-port for the woofer at the same time. A Viking exclusive innovation.


Wide Band Driver:

6.5" full range driver with hybrid motor mounted in the smaller turned wood horn


Bass Driver:

18" bass driver with massive ceramic AlNiCo motors optional non-removable frameless grill covers woofer ports through the dual horns 

Horns, Cabinet, and Resonator[s]:


Front resonator: Tone-wood Instrument (resonator) with bypass port in curly maple curly cherry or curly walnut

Rear resonator:

Entire rear panel acts  a semi-active resonator

Logarithmic tone-wood Horns:

20.5 + 14" Hand turned tone-wood horns in American maple American black walnut, or all North American 6A cherry


Semi-active, Self-damping Cabinet Architecture, In fine wood or finished in Piano Paint. Pro Studio version in durable epoxy paint


98 db

Time Alignment:

Drivers time-aligned mechanically and electrically.


19Hz - 30kHz 


Binding Post:

4 way low-mass tellurium copper with speaker frame Earthing terminals

Internal Wire:  20awg solid core high tensile strength 6N copper wire in cotton silver solder (wiring optimized for detail and efficiency) 

Impedance: 8 ohms


Recommended Power:

 6-100 tube watts

100+ transistor watts


Cabinet Dimensions (without plinth)

46.25" H  27" W  14" D 

Total hight with plinth and horns



L'instrument Grande Voix Perfected by computer; built by hand. Pair shown is Grande Voix Pro Studio. Cabinets with durable epoxy paint and horns in natural maple.

How to Order:

L'Instrument Grande Voix

Base Price $28,500

Pro Studio Version $25,500 in durable epoxy paint and solid maple horns.

Choose your matching wood horns:

Maple (shown)

Clear Maple +1,000 

6A Cherry

Persian cedar +700

All Claro Walnut + $2500

Solid Port Orford white cedar (NA)


Choose your wood baffle:


(Rubbed oil finish or sprayed gloss, satin or matte)

Clear Maple

American Cherry-wood

Claro Walnut + 800

African ribbon Sapele +1,000

Persian Cedar +1,000

Hawaiian KOA (PUR)

African Zebra-wood (PUR)

African Ebony (PUR)


Baffles Cabinet in rubbed piano finish

(deep gloss, satin, matte)

Near-black  + 3,000

Just-off-white + 3,000

Kabuki Red +4,000

Custom colour: (PUR)

Driver+ cap/coil Upgrade:

Hand-Made AlNiCo wide-band driver with ecru colored dual cone with turned spruce phase plugs (clear wood or black) upgraded cap, coil and internal wire +4,000.00 (shown)

All four of Grande Voix horns are turned from matching timbers! Choose North American maple, black walnut, or American Cherry.

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