L' Instrument

Statement Bass-Horn Loudspeaker


Driver Compliment:

8.0" full range driver with hybrid motor mounted in unique bass-horn loading


Dual 12" bass drivers with hybrid ceramic AlNiCo motors non-removable frameless grill covers.  Both woofers port through the bass-horn along with the full ranger it's a point-source magic act!

Optional hidden horn AlNiCo super tweeter extends HF to over 50,000hz add $1,000

mounted behind the lower part of the horn utilizes the back of the horn flair for dispersion.


Logarithmic Horn:

20.5"-21.0" Hand turned tone-wood horn 


NorseLock© Semi-active Self-damping Cabinet Architecture (SASDA) solid heirloom tone-wood baffle, tone-wood semi-active back panel


98 db

Time Alignment:

Drivers time-aligned mechanically and electrically.


18Hz - 21,000   (18Hz - 50kHz  with super tweeter)


Binding Post:

4 way low-mass tellurium copper with speaker frame Earthing terminals

Internal Wire:  20awg solid core high tensile strength 6N copper wire in cotton silver solder (wiring optimized for detail and efficiency) 

Impedance: 6 or 12 ohms


Recommended Power:

5 - 50 tube watts

50-100 transistor watts


Cabinet Dimensions:

48" H  14.5" W 15.5" D  (total height with horn 52.5" x 21" wide at horn)

How to Order:


Price Upon Request

Choose your wood horn:

Clear Maple

Figured Maple walnut tunnel $450 (shown) 


All Claro Walnut + $2000

Solid Port Orford white cedar (book matched) +$6000


Choose your wood baffles front and back:


(Rubbed oil finish or sprayed gloss, satin or matte)

Clear Maple

American Cherry-wood

Claro Walnut + 800

African ribbon Sapele +1,000

Persian Cedar +1,000

Hawaiian KOA (PUR)

African Zebra-wood (PUR)

African Ebony (PUR) 

Driver+ cap/coil Upgrade:

Hand-Made AlNiCo wide-band driver with ecru colored dual cone with turned spruce phase plugs (clear wood or black) upgraded dual woofers, upgraded cap, coil and internal wire +5000.00  (shown)

Delivery Early 2020 

Acoustic Innovations:


Viking Acoustics Hybrid Horn Loading Technology:

Non-compression hybrid loading. Horn is used for high-frequency driver in non-compression format and set with an air-gap and doubles as the bass-port or bass-horn for the woofer. On Berlin the back side of the horn overlaps 30% of the woofer to further increase bass and bass efficiency as well as limit on and off axis distortion. Gottenburg uses the front and back of the logarithmic horn.

(patents pending)

NorseLock© Semi-active Self-damping Cabinet Architecture: (SASDA) Machined heirloom wood front and rear baffles connected (locked) together with machined tone-wood pillars.

Jetted bass driver loading + frameless non-removable grills. larger woofer can be used with smaller opening reducing some low frequency distortion mechanically while augmenting low bass.

From the testimonial page:


Saud from Abu Dhabi


Now after a year of owning my L' Instrument 8PS speakers, I must say they are amazing speakers. I really can't explain how much I enjoy listening to them -- I am out of words to be honest to explain the detail these speakers have. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product. These speakers sound very good on complete tube set-up with a good TT with tube pre-amplifier to enhance the signal. Moreover they blast the bass-out when connected to solid-state and make them more dynamic for young generation... these speakers are simply superb on tube as well as solid state. I am so happy to own them and thanks very much for giving me such a masterpiece.

L'Instrument is a Perfect choice for the World's finest tube based systems. Recommended power 5-50 wpc

L'instrument's extra large horn is machined of fine tone-wood and turned by hand...and make a lifetime audio statement.

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