Statement Bass-Horn Loudspeaker

To eclipse the sound found in a live hall one must atone for sound nodes and acoustic limitations of the hall. This is attempted by providing a nearly perfect point-source of sound directed through Gottenburg's logarithmic horn. 


To reproduce distortion-free bass down to below 15hz one must have a diaphragm large enough to achieve 15 hz without the use of pumping excessive amounts of air. Gottenburg's 32" wide-Band woofer needs less than 2 . 5 mm of movement (x-max) to reproduce bass near 90db (1 watt 1 meter) at 15 hz! 


Matched with reference tube and transistor amplification Gottenburg pushes beyond other Statement loudspeakers in usable bandwidth, efficiency, detail, imaging, tone, and sonic textures.


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Fred Crane, Musician, Audio Dealer, Audiophile,  Boston August, 2016


Enter the Gottenburg Odin.  It manages all of the things a mammoth statement speaker should, but that's not what makes it truly great.  So often a large speaker, horn or otherwise, is thought to be a proclaimer of maximum volume, realistic dynamics, and thunderous bass. Some even manage those.  Well the Gottenburg handles those elements with ease, but it goes further.  What it does better than any speaker in my experience are harmonic textures that exist in a live hall; those subtle undertones and overtones that make all notes richer, not just those low on the chart.  Think of it as the difference between playing a C chord on a spinet versus a C chord on a 9 ft Hamburg Steinway.  It's the richness of real music. 


You'll never know just how powerful a cello is until you hear it on the Gottenburg's.  (Richter on these is a physical experience.) It also manages to be seamless in the way that a single driver speaker is seamless ... incredible.


One can enjoy them near or far-field (impossible with most horn designs), and when thunder and God's own fury needs to erupt from the Gottenburg, you will cower and rejoice. 

DD_Bronze Color 2_2-wht-bg_clipped_rev_2
DD_Bronze Color 2_2-wht-bg_clipped_rev_2

Hundreds of design options: from old-world traditional to contemporary. Sea Dragons at the top or none... Finished in 30 coats of hand-rubbed colour with silver horns or in heirloom woods with natural bronze horns you build Gottenburg to fit  Your  Palace!

Gottenburg is our truest expression of  The Art of Sound

Gottenburg's "infinite" horn with unique suspension utilizes the front and back of the massive silica bronze alloy horn.

Bronze Horn Assembly 01.png

Gottenburg's 32" wide-band woofer plays down to 15Hz with only 2 . 5 mm of x-max! Modifications include a whizzer cone (not shown) and dual ceramic/AlNiCo motor

How to Order:



Choose your bronze Horn finish:

Pure silica bronze (shown)

Deep copper patina +1,000 

925 silver plated +2500

Solid 800 Silver + other metal parts (PUR)

Solid 18-24kt Gold (red, yellow, gray or white) (PUR)

Gottenburg sea dragon motif: (horn super tweeter frame)

Bronze (INC)

Solid silver +1500

solid palladium alloy white gold (PUR)

No sea dragons - 400.00

Choose your wood:

Persian Cedar + African wedge accents (INC) (shown)

American Claro walnut (INC)

Curly Maple (INC)

American cherry (INC)

African black ebony (PUR)

African Zebra-wood (PUR)


Choose your finish:


(Rubbed oil finish or sprayed gloss, satin or matte or Hamburg with 30 coat hand-rubbed polyester (piano Finish)


Hamburg 30 coat piano finish colours

Deep piano black

Deep black-red burgundy

Customer colour


Driver+ cap/coil Upgrade:

Duelund (Danmark) pure silver capacitor and coils + silver VC for wide-band driver 925 silver terminals + 6N silver internal wire in cotton dielectric.  (PUR)

Gottenburg Hamburg ( 30 coats rubbed piano paint) Starts at $105,000

Build time 2-3 months



The choice is yours, the slate clean.

Gottenburg is a simple form-factor designed for the apex of sonic performance and the ultimate home high-end loudspeaker. The wide-body form is shallower than other high-end systems and can be placed a mere three inches away from the back wall requires no "toe-in" and thus will integrate into your listening room easier with a more of a "built-in" and integral look and require less space.


Near-field, far-field or mid-field, Gottenburg stands alone in delivering ultra wide-bandwidth true reference sound. 


Gottenburg features uncompromising solid wood, void-free ply and ultra dense Medex construction. The super rigid form-factor is then finished in 30 coats of hand rubbed "Hamburg" piano lacquer in a collection of different colors or thick wood veneers with solid wood inlays. 

The solid bronze logarithmic horns can be finished in silver, or natural bronze, black silver, yellow gold, rose gold. They can fit a modern motif or staunch traditional.


Gottenburg in a traditional, gothic, contemporary, or modern motif. The choice is yours.

Design, Build, Conquer!






Gottenburg Odin / Gottenburg Hamburg


Driver Complement:


Hidden horn Loaded super tweeter with AlNiCo motor


6.0" full range AlNiCo driver set in bronze horn  


32" wide band woofer with hybrid ceramic/AlNiCo motor


Logarithmic Horn: 

30" Silica Bronze-Alloy finished in natural bronze, silver, deep copper, black-silver (Hamburg finished (plated) in 925 Sterling Silver) Horns and parts cast in solid 925 Sterling silver PUR



Gottenburg Odin

Harwood + Medex panel construction finished in wood backed veneer American cherry, Claro walnut or maple + other fine woods Optional: cabinet machined of solid heirloom wood (PUR)


Gottenburg Hamburg

cabinet in solid machined hardwoods (No MDF No Ply) finished in 30 coat rubbed piano finish in deep black or dark-black burgundy with custom colors available

Binding Post:

Fine Silver terminals with speaker frame Earthing 

Crossover: 6db first order with Deulund CAST copper capacitors and coils. Optional external crossover unit with bi-wiring capability. Full range driver (no filter) strain-gauge silver wire embedded in white cedar dialectical for reduce amplitude without any loss of detail.

Internal wire: 18awg solid core constant-cast high tensile strength 6N wire in pure cotton. Optional second run in 22awg 6N silver (wiring optimized for detail and efficiency, no plastic dielectric) 


Sensitivity:  102 db  (100 db Hamburg)

Time Alignment:

Drivers time-aligned mechanically and electrically.

Decoupling solid wood plinth hardwood torsion beams with .75mm travel perfectly decouple speaker from floor

Impedance: 6 or 12 Ohms



15 Hz - 50kHz

Recommended Power:

15 - 100+ high-volt tube watts

50 - 500+ transistor watts


Total height: 71.5"

Cabinet: 67.2" high 33.5" wide 17" deep (Plinth 35.2" x 19.2 ")


420-480 LBS Each



Gottenburg-B&W Cathedral-Short Aspect-2_
DD_Bronze Color 2_2-wht-bg_clipped_rev_2

Viking Acoustics

horn is based on the logarithmic shape

of the chambered nautilus


Horns cast in solid silica bronze weigh a 130 pounds each! Horns can have a satin or polished finish, finished in rose gold, or natural bronze; with many other options available.. Gottenburg Hamburg horns are finished exclusively in 925 sterling silver, black silver (for a blacked-out look)  rose gold, or choose the ultimate high-end statement: Horns and metal parts cast in solid 925 sterling silver!


Acoustic Innovations:


Viking Acoustics Gottenburg Horn Loading Technology:

Non-compression loading. Ultra-fidelity wide-band driver set with by-pass to the 32" wide-band woofer with an air-gap. Low frequency to mid-band from the super woofer pass through the center of the horn without disturbing the smaller driver (an acoustic trick) making a true time-coherent point source of sound. Additionally, the back side of the huge bronze horn is utilized to further augment the super woofer improving bass, dispersion and reducing distortion.

(patents pending)


The whole system works in unison as an organic, ultra-wide band point source of sound.

Dual stage internal/external resonating system. Ultra-rigid cabinet is tuned with the use of tone-wood resonators to virtually eliminate standing waves within the cabinet. Lower resonator is visible through the dual by-pass ports located near the bottom of the loudspeaker.


Featured in book of World's finest high-end loudspeakers


Gottenburg  is perfect for "Statement" tube based systems. Recommended power 10-200 wpc


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