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Fantom: A fusion of vintage Japanese avant-garde audio and Scandinavian motifs. With its fully adjustable three-in-one horn; Fantom fits perfectly into nearly any acoustical environment. 

High efficiency, Higher-output! 


Fantom is a sonic masterpiece! Fantom can play airy strings with rosin and wood, piano in the right weight, crazy micro-dynamics, downright spooky vocals, and yet with higher powered amplifiers can play Rock, Techno / Club-House music at full live performance levels; sound pressure that will shake you down to your very soul. Fantom's flexibility is second to none.

Stealth logarithmic Horn

Utilizing flat planes instead of a curved logarithm: with all the acoustic benefits of the latter, plus more. The Fantom's three-in-one adjustable horn totally disappears as the source of sound. It's acoustic dark magic.


Function first design

Kabuki FANTOM is a large speaker but of the "right" proportions and an interesting audio form to look at from any angle. Fantom will fit into even medium sized listening rooms. The driver placement is optimized for a realistic sound stage; where the players are the right size and scale.

The bass-horn's five drivers are physically and electrically aligned for the best possible coherence and timing. The ribbon super tweeter is loaded within the mouth of the bass-horn on an internal baffle shielded from any bass turbulence and is furthest away from the listening position. At the rear of the large horn is a second solid wood baffle with a by-pass port to the internal resonating damper.



64.25"H 28"W  26"D  


225 LBS 


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120 days delivery


Kabuki FANTOM's Horn Blades are fully adjustable for near-field far-field and wide-field listening positions as well as different room sizes/configurations and completely fold back for moving or shipping. Note down firing sub-bass driver loaded in lower horn


Ready for color


Kabuki FANTOM 5-way design with optimized time phase alignment. Hidden ribbon super tweeter in mouth of the horn vents at the top, massive sub-woofer at the bottom. Both mid and sub woofer vent out of the top of the horn along with the super tweeter!


Rear baffle with resonator and by-pass port

Listening Position:

Mid-Field, Far-Field, Large Venue


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