Viking Acoustics is the connection for high resolution commercial sound.

Commercial and pro sound is quite different from home audio primarily due to the size of the environment and the objective. knowledge to fit the sound-scape to the size of the business as well as the intent of the music is not easily obtained. A dance club will want a different sound pressure than a small Jazz bar a high-end retailer wants the sound to captivate and motivate purchases. If your build-out requires a specific sound such as: dynamic, high-resolution, accurate both higher or lower volume sound reproduction contact us.

BRITON Studio Monitor Can be built and voiced for high-output club sound or low out-put near-field for critical recording studio applications


Recording Studios 

Club Sound

High-End retail

Places of worship

Small theaters

May require

critical near-field accuracy

high-pressure sound without fatigue

accurate slightly laid-back lower to mid+ volume level 

articulate vocal reproduction

sonic perfection at every level

Grand Voix Retro, designed excluslively for commercial applications.

Speaker X can be voiced for Club Sound! Two or more pairs is a complete full range Club Sound solution that makes an impressive statement!