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BERLIN 10 Years 2008-2018  


Latest Testimonial 

Berlin R Mk-II with Gottenburg Master Silver cables and Audio Tekne integrated tube amplifier

Robert from Boston September 2018


The sound of Berlin R Mk-II borders on being ethereal!

The speakers completely disappear as a source of music, and the soundstage is simply amazing.  I can’t describe it, but I think subtle ambient musical cues, which are masked by most speakers, are now coming through as the musicians and recording engineers intended.  This is a tough trick to pull off for any speaker, but the Berlin’s allow you to be immersed in the performance unlike any speaker I have heard.  As a point of reference, the Berlin’s displaced Avantgarde Duo Omega’s, which, in turn, displaced Audio Tekne speakers.  The Berlin’s are being driven by an Audio Tekne TFM-9412 amp (8w).

Berlin R loudspeakers named as one of top 7 finest loudspeaker systems in the world along with Living Voice's Vox Olympian, and Magico's S7 in 2015 by Audio Lifestyle Magazine.


A little about the New Berlin R Mk-II

We said we would never change Berlin R our "Gold Standard" so we didn't we just pushed it a little further... 


Berlin R Mk-II has Improved semi-active tone-wood baffle, increased cabinet volume by .12ft, Larger more detailed and sensitive wide-band woofer with tone-wood phase plugs made exclusively for Viking. larger turned horns, and exclusive tweeter with titanium former extends beyond 35Khz. New Mk-II Blade stands are more stable.


  • Viking's Unique bass-horn-loaded tweeter system  

  • Hand-turned tone-wood horn

  • Viking's internal tone-wood resonator

  • 10-inch wide-band woofer with paper pulp diaphragm  

  • 6N solid core copper internal wire in pure cotton dialectic

  • Bandwidth: 28 Hz-35,000 Hz +- 1.5db! (Horn/resonator improves bass hz 5db!)

  • Sensitivity: 97 dB (1w-1m)

  • Impedance: 8 ohms

  • Solid heirloom tonewood baffle (See wood options)

  • Cabinet option: Match or contrast baffle & horn (See cabinet options)

  • Cabinet Size: 19.5" high x 11.5" wide x 18" deep (without horns) 50 and 51"" total height on stands

  • Special Edition in piano gloss black with curly tiger maple horns piano gloss blade stands or maple mid-century stands 

  • Purchase includes Blade or Mid-Century stands  


BERLIN R named one of the world's 7 Best Sounding Loudspeakers...any price 2015!

Berlin R Mk-II Demo... Female Vocal

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