choose colors:

  • True Red (pictured)

  • Near Black

  • Just off-white

  • French Blue

  • Kabuki Red

  • AT Gray (below)

Custom Pantone color +$200

BASS-HORN Loudspeaker


Driver Compliment:

1.2" textile dome set non-compression loaded Berlin horn which doubles as bass port for the woofer 


8" wide-band bass driver with hybrid ceramic AlNiCo motor, paper pulp diaphragm with phasing plugs  

The bass driver ports through the bass-horn along with the tweeter at the same time..... it's a point-source magic act!



1" thick machined solid maple baffle + Medex panel construction both painted in color with natural wood horn with optional Blade stands in solid maple


Turned tone-wood Horn: 

11" hand turned maple horn


92 db

Time Alignment:

Drivers time-aligned mechanically and electrically.



28Hz - 25kHz 


Binding Post:

4 way low-mass tellurium copper. 

Internal Wire:  20awg solid core high tensile strength 6N wire in cotton silver solder (wiring optimized for detail and efficiency) 

Impedance: 8 Ohms


Recommended Power:

5 - 50 high-volt tube watts

50 - 250 transistor watts

Cabinet Dimensions:

15.5" H  10" W 12.5" D  

Total height with stands 45.5"

Heirloom wood stands: 

Optional BLADE Stands © ( choose high or low height)

Berlin Petit $7200 (pair)

Petit Blade Stands in solid maple +$1,000

Driver with turned wood phase plugs +300  (below)

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