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The latest version of one of the Best Sounding Monitors Ever Made.... Berlin R

BERLIN III is the culmination of over a decade of Berlin refinement: and our Best and final Berlin statement. The "3" has a larger/taller and shallower cabinet, a rear by-pass port to the new larger internal resonator. A larger horn, a new 3 piece solid tone-wood baffle, a new double Blade stand, and new wood options including Spanish Cedar and a limited edition in the much coveted Port Orford coastal white cedar!



High efficiency, and Huge live sound meet Impossible Bass!


Larger cabinet, larger internal resonator with rear bypass, new stronger stands in solid matching timbers.


BERLIN (Reference) Mk-III

From Factor:

Large Stand-Mount 2-way Bass-Horn Loudspeaker

Driver Complement:

1.2" rigid textile dome with machined titanium bobbin set non-compression loaded Berlin horn which doubles as bass port for the woofer 


10" wide-band bass driver with hybrid ceramic AlNiCo motor, paper pulp diaphragm with phasing plugs  (optional wood phasing plugs)

The bass driver ports through the bass-horn along with the tweeter at the same time..... it's a point-source magic act!

Cabinet: C-N-C milled in void-free birch ply with unique Internal resonator with rear by-pass port finished in satin "near black"

Baffle: Three piece C-N-C milled in solid heirloom wood set in semi-suspension


Turned tone-wood Horn: 

15" hand turned / lathed in solid tone-wood 


97.5 db

Time Alignment:

Drivers time-aligned mechanically and electrically.


Bandwidth:  (Bass gain 5+db with logarithmic horn and resonator)

19Hz - 25kHz 


Binding Post:

4 way low-mass tellurium copper. Speaker frame Earthing (grounding) terminals

Internal Wire:  20awg solid core high tensile strength 6N wire in cotton silver solder (wiring optimized for detail and efficiency) 

Impedance: 8 Ohms


Recommended Power:

5 - 50 high-volt tube watts

50 - 250 transistor watts

Cabinet Dimensions: (without horn)

25.25" H  12.75" W 11.75" D  

Total height with stands top of horn 48.5"

Heirloom wood stands: 

Mk-III double BLADE Stands ©  

How to Order:


$15,200 includes matching stands

Choose your wood horn:

Clear Maple 

American Cherry

Spanish Cedar

All Claro Walnut + $500

Solid Port Orford white cedar +$1500


Choose your wood baffle:


(Rubbed oil finish or sprayed gloss, satin or matte)

Clear Maple 

American Cherry

Spanish Cedar

All Claro Walnut + $400

Solid Port Orford white cedar +$1500

Painted (clear instrument grade poplar) +$700.00

Choose your matching wood stand:

(Mk-III double Blade stand)


Clear Maple 

American Cherry

Spanish Cedar

All Claro Walnut + $500

Solid Port Orford white cedar +$1500

(Mk-III double Blade stand)

Berlin R Mk III Pro-Studio



The Original BERLIN R Rated by one of Europe's top High-End Audio Publications as one of the Seven Best Sounding Loudspeakers in the World at any price.


The New BERLIN III Is even More!

Acoustic Innovations:


Viking Acoustics Hybrid Horn Loading Technology

The Horn is used for high-frequency driver in non-compression format and set with an air-gap and doubles as the bass-reflex port or bass-horn for the woofer: it's both wave guide for the tweeter and bass reflex port at-the-same-time! The back side of the horn overlaps 30% of the woofer to further increase bass and bass efficiency. Utilizing the horn to increase output of the entire frequency spectrum means the drivers don't have to work as hard to produce the same volume level meaning reduced distortion and higher output (SPL) per given watt.

(patents pending)  



Viking Acoustics

horn is based on the logarithmic shape

of the chambered nautilus

New rear bypass port modulates the internal resonator

Berlin R Mk-III with New Direct Wire Terminals. Make for the absolute best connection a direct connection! Connect directly to the cotton lined internal wire with no plastic anywhere in the path. lower mass means less smearing of the audio signal for better sound! Direct Wire is optimized for spade termination. (Frame earthing terminal shown on the left)

Each and every pair of Berlin horns is unique. Each pair is machined of fine tone-wood and turned by hand...each pair is a valuable and rare heirloom. The horn is the Secret to Berlin's staggering performance. 

Latest Berlin R Testimonial:

Gear: Berlin R Mk-II + Audio Tekne Tube Integrated



Hi, David:


Yesterday I hosted a small gathering of local audiophiles and, last night, I received the comment, below, from one of the guys who attended:


"Thou art the host with the most; the mostest, baddest, outrageousest audio system I done ever laid ears on.
And that ain’t the half of it....

Thank you for the opportunity to witness the splendor. I’m honored to have been able to spend an afternoon in audio bliss; not once ever hearing ANY deficiency AND hearing the most complete absence of “electronica” in my 60 year pursuit of live music at home. Everything was RIGHT and righteous.

January 23, 2020, a day that shall live in glory, stands as the high-water mark of my 6-decade quest for the truth, the audio truth, and nothing but the audio truth.”  Wow!!


Last week I finally broke down (after 16 years) and re-tubed my Audio Tekne amp per Imai-san’s instructions.  Namely, I removed the Sophia mesh plate 300B’s and 274A’s and replaced them with high-quality 300B’s and NOS Sylvania 5Z3’s (2 rectifier tubes).  I also replaced the preamp tubes with NOS Telefunken 6463’s (2) and 5687’s (2). Basically, I returned the amp to the way Audio Tekne intended the amp to perform.


The improvement in the sound of the amp is beyond my ability to describe, but the comments, above, are a hint.  The guy who wrote those words, and about four others who attended, are now scouring the web for Audio Tekne equipment and Viking speakers.


If you are looking for a reason why I am hesitant to move forward with L’Instrument, you have to look no further than the absolutely unbelievable sound of my current system.  The general comment yesterday was “don’t change a thing!”


The Berlin’s, driven by 8-watts of Audio Tekne power, produce the most dynamic, dramatic, and realistic sound I, and others, have ever heard.  And, we are talking about seasoned, well-healed, audiophiles who can pretty much afford what it takes to achieve sonic nirvana.  


If anyone in New England is interested in listening to Viking speakers, one session at chez Bob will convince anyone to move forward.  And, the extremely high w.a.f. is icing on the cake.


Absolutely unbelievable!





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