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BERLIN Evolution "Evo"

The new Berlin represents a complete full-range (ultra-wide-band) solution in a larger yet compact form. Not small; but plays a full concert-of-sound rivaling much larger speakers in a manageable size. The adjustable built-in "telescoping" stand gives three positions (heights) for near-field, far-field, large or smaller rooms.


As always; Berlin Evolution includes our unique horn loading; which has three functions: bass-reflex, and at the same time the mouth of the horn is loaded with a wide-band driver while the back side of the horn is utilized for the hidden horn super tweeter thus improving the timing and dispersion of the upper registers. Like the previous Berlin models the horn overlaps the new larger 12" woofer by 30% giving additional bass-boost while lowering inherent distortion in the lower registers.


The internal resonator/damper and the combination of other acoustic innovations are responsible for Berlin Evo's impossible bass-slam, huge sound-stage, high efficiency and flexibility. The new Berlin Evo make low volume near-field to full concert level reproductions with dead real weight, tone and soundstage a reality.

  • 20" hand turned horn (wave guild + bass-reflex)

  • Cabinet machined of solid wood (no ply or MDF) 

  • 12" papirus fibre woofer

  • 6.25" wide-band driver (mounted inside the horn)

  • AlNiCo horn super tweeter (hidden under the horn flair)

  • Bandwidth 18hz-50khz  (1K frequency overlap)

  • Mean efficiency  98db 1 W x1 M

  • Unique three position adjustable/telescoping double blade stand: High, Medium, Low and fully collapses for shipping/ moving.

  • Dimensions: (Cabinet) 27.5" X 14" W X 14" D Total (adjustable) Height: 51.5"  55"  58" at top of horn

  • Weight: 110LBS (each with stands)


Berlin Evo's hidden super tweeter utilizes the back side of the large horn for better timing and dispersion.


Berlin Evo's 3-position adjustable stand is fully collapsible for shipping / moving and storage 


The Original BERLIN R Rated by one of Europe's top High-End Audio Publications as one of the Seven Best Sounding Loudspeakers in the World at any price.


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