High-end cables are the finishing touch to your high-end sound system



AC Power Cables!

The final piece of the ultimate audio system. Although any sonic gain might be minimal it's important to know that you've every possible sonic gain. These AC cables have the best "ingredients" available.

Choose length and level


3,4,5,6 and 8 feet length or

custom length

High Quality Basic:

Solid core NOS Western Electric high-volt wire 

$550.00 6 foot length


Solid core NOS Western Electric high-volt wire with dual run per side. Upgraded OFC copper prongs and receiver.  



Silver plated solid core NOS Western Electric high-volt wire + 30 strand heavy gauge Litz wire + 850 silver plated OFC copper prongs and plug. 

Custom lengths available

You may discover that your system has better imaging, a bigger soundstage, better micro-dynamics and more accurate; less mushy-boomy bass with the Asymmetric Cable.

Gottenburg has separate (+) and (-) runs for each loudspeaker in a unique asymmetric design

Loudspeaker cables are terminated with 900 silver low-mass bananas. Silver spades are optional. 

Cable Price List

Asymmetric R (Reference) 




ASYMMETRIC: (6N) long crystal constant-cast solid-core silver in cotton mated with (5N) copper in pure cotton. The combination of silver and copper is second to none for signal transfer and speed. 


Viking's Asymmetric cables deliver better imaging than symmetric designs. You'll find cymbals and piano sounding more real than ever; vocal reproduction will have more holographic imaging because of improved signal timing. The difference becomes even more apparent on longer runs  over 3.0M and longer.


An added benefit to the low mass asymmetric design is that you may find your tube amplifier runs slightly cooler with them.


Low-Mass Spades   solid fine silver

Low-mass Bananas   solid fine silver












Master Silver Cables


6N pure silver tempered with the finest copper make the best electrical connection.


Large-gauge high purity silver delivers much better micro-dynamics than copper and it's not a nuance but obvious. Silver delivers more volume per given watt than copper and is the best conductor of signal current of any metal. In addition to 6N large gauge solid core silver is a run of solid core ultra-pure copper for damping and softening the edge sometime associated with silver only cables. 


Gottenburg Loudspeaker cables have separate runs for polarities + and - in Viking's unique Asymmetric format. Large gauge silver is in a vacuum tube to prevent oxidation and 6N copper in individual cotton dielectric.


There is absolutely No compromise here. No funny business, no serpent oil, just ultra pure 6N silver and copper. Silver solder, low mass termination, with our proven Asymmetric design.



Low-Mass Spades     900 solid fine silver

Low-mass Bananas    900 solid fine silver













Master Silver Analog Interconnects


Absolute Reference interconnect for top systems. Silver and copper with 99.9999% purity along with a .01% filter/loss of tone-wood dielectric reveal the high detail of pure silver with a smoother more refined sound. (fine silver wire is embedded directly into wood) 


The Master Silver interconnects refinement is really beneficial to digital sources making them seem more analog and more coherent. High purity silver detail without the edges.




Extruded 99.9999 % pure silver is embedded directly into a rare white cedar dielectric with .01% filter effect. The maximum detail of silver with the smooth silky tone and timber of copper further refined with wood and carbon.

Viking Acoustic's Low-Mass Loudspeaker Cables and interconnects are used in some of the World's finest tube based systems 

Hand-Built in Santa Fe, USA


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