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Reference Loudspeaker Cables. 

The sole-bridge of music from your amplifier to your loudspeakers

Viking Acoustics Vector Loudspeaker Cables

High value, high quality, higher-resolution. The new Vector loudspeaker cables are nearly as good as our Asymmetric cables...bass, coherence, detail, dynamics are all there; with only a small loss (2%) of some mid-band energy and a reduction in holographic imaging.

Vector cables excellent cable regardless of price. (For systems with 12db or higher crossovers we'll recommend our Asymmetric cables)


12 strands of heat-extruded 5N Litz copper in thick cotton dialectic welded to super low-mass silver termination. Wood positioning blocks keep cable of the floor.

Bass, detail, imaging, accuracy...

Absolutely Perfect high-end loudspeaker cable solution.

Choose red and green or black and white cotton jackets


3.5 feet each side (two wood blocks each side) $525

6 feet each side $785 per pair  (4 wood blocks each side)

8 feet each side  $950  (5 blocks each side)

10 feet each side  $1,150  (6 blocks each side)

12 feet each side  $1,200  (8 blocks each side)

15 feet each side  $1,450  (10 blocks each side)

Terminated (welded) in low-mass silver bananas (close to naked connection)


Vector Loudspeaker Cables

Gottenburg  Master-Silver

Asymmetric Loudspeaker Cable

Gottenburg Master Silver Series Cables: absolute World reference cable!

Asymmetric design combine long-crystal cast 6N silver in a wood-pulp dielectric with a second run in constant-cast 6N copper. No plastic touches the silver wire filaments; with a very small filter-loss from the wood pulp; reducing some of the typical "edge" from the silver. The plus side rail has less resistance than the negative rail (asymmetric) to compensate for crossover imbalances. Plus and minus rails are separated with the larger rail as positive and smaller rail as negative.


The result is better timing/imaging than symmetric designs. Gottenburg Master Series cables represent an absolute new reference in loudspeaker cable design. The Gottenburg positioning blocks are finished in American cherry, black walnut, hard rock maple and keep your new cables off-the-floor.


Gottenburg has separate (+) and (-) runs for each loudspeaker in a unique asymmetric design. 

Gottenburg  Master-Silver


3.0-4.0' (each side) mono-block pair $ 5250

6.0' (each Side) $ 8,800

8.0' (each Side) $10,200

12.0' (each side) $13,500

15.0' (each side) $15,500

Custom length upon request 


Includes wood positioning blocks


All Master Silver cables are terminated with 950 silver low-mass bananas. 950 silver spades are optional. 

Viking Acoustic's Low-Mass Loudspeaker Cables are used in some of the World's finest audio systems 


Hand crafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA


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