Our Philosophy:

Don't waste your watts on inefficient loudspeakers. Acoustic-suspension designs, rear ports, back-loaded bass-horns, sealed midrange drivers, overly large voice coils and complicated crossover networks all diminish efficiency, detail, imaging, coherence, and soundstage. 

Semi Active Cabinet Architecture

Semi-active Self-damping Cabinet Architecture (SASDA)

The NorseLock Cabinet inspired by the articulated hulls of Viking Ships is a hybrid of the finest wood timbers and super rigid laminated panels. 

Bass: we believe Bass is the most difficult to reproduce and get "Right." While getting mid-band and high-frequency right can be tricky too...bass is often the foundation of the music and requires the most acoustical know-how to implement. A double bass should sound right in weight and tone yet bass in the biggest symphonic music must be totally tectonic and without distortion: this is why we made the GOTTENBURG which is a culmination of all our innovations and built on the idea that pursuing the ultimate is not an extravagance! 


Viking’s loudspeakers give you more reasons than ever to invest in a high-end vacuum tube system!


Viking Acoustics formerly dc10audio was founded by David Counsell in 2007.   David built his first horn loudspeakers in Grass Valley, California in 1976 at age 14. Named the "dc10" a play-of-words on the infamous jet-liner and his initials. The original dc10 was a bass-horn loudspeaker with his unique "jet-loaded" tweeter mounted inside the mouth of the bass-horn. His first speaker sale was in 1977:  by age 15 David was selling his horn speakers to Hi-Fi enthusiasts and people in the audio industry in and around Northern California.



Viking's unique horn ports all the drivers through the mouth of the horn even the dual woofers!

Logarithmic Horns turned in precious heirloom woods

State-of the art mill-shop with c-n-c routers and lathe. 

The mighty Berlin Mini in South Korea

Beauty and the Beast

"Napkin sketch" birds-eye view of Speaker X from 2010

Original drawing of dc10 time-aligned 'horn-vent" speaker from 1970's Note: tweeter at the mouth of the horn

Briton II pay's Homage to vintage JBL. This sold-out edition is highly coveted in South Korea and Japan

Kabuki-Ohaku Bass-Horn 2015

Instrument 7 with Convertible Open Baffle 2007

 Innovated and hand-made in the USA

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