Viking Acoustics Vector Loudspeaker cable.

12 strands of heat-extruded 5N Litz copper in thick cotton dialectic welded to super low-mass silver termination. Wood positioning blocks keep cable of the floor.

Bass, detail, imaging, accuracy...

Absolutely Perfect high-end loudspeaker cable solution.


3.5 feet each side (mono blocks) $725

6 feet each side $785  (4 wood blocks)

8 feet each side  $ 825  (5 blocks)

10 feet each side  $865  (6 blocks)

12 feet each side  $915  (8 blocks)

Terminated (welded) in super low-mass silver bananas (close to naked connection)

One Passion... Produce the World's Finest Sounding, High-Efficiency Loudspeakers. 

Let there be Music for your Sanctuary! 

Existing Order Update:

We're working through the supply chain and labor issues currently. This has affected the supply of fine woods and components. Local labor issues are also a factor but to a less degree. We are accepting Orders on TubeMaster and Berlin Evo at this time.

Thank you for your patience.


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